Now available – LPD-250 Line Purge Dechlorinating Diffuser for Fire Hydrants and Hoses

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The LPD-250 is easy to use and works with both Fire Hydrants and Fire Hoses. It is made of the highest quality materials and is built to last. Just connect and then simply fill the feed tube with tablets and the LPD-250 will do the rest. The LPD is for use with chemically treated (4 ppm or less chlorine/chloramine) potable water. Flushing can be accomplished straight off a fire hydrant or attached to a fire hose to point the flow where you want it to go. It is Made in the USA.

Additional features and benefits:

• The unit has a powder coated steel body (LPD-250) and weighs only 33 lbs.
• It can connect to either a Fire Hydrant or Fire Hose
• The LPD-250 is adaptable for both low and high-volume flow
• It handles chlorine Levels 0-10 ppm
• The Flush Rate is good for 200-1,250 gpm,
• The Set-up Time is only a mere 1-3 minutes
• The options include:
• A flow measurement pitot with Dual Read Kem-X Gauge with quick connection
• A Hitch and Tire for secure hold while flushing
• Cost effective Dechlorination Tablets for LPD-250

PipeMan Products, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer of this specialty Hydrant product that has hundreds and hundreds of reliable units working in the field effectively. We offer many Waterworks, HVAC, Commercial and industrial plumbing and repair products to the USA, Canada and the world. If it has to do with Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Pipe Freezing and Pipe Repair, we are your company. We searched and found the LPD-250 Line Purge Dechlorinating Diffuser to be the unit we can stand behind for many years of service. It is manufactured in Northern, CA, is is readily available for shipment. Please contact us to answer any questions and shipping options based on your purchase quantity.