Lagen Investment Launches a New Project in Relation to Wealth Management Education and Services

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Lagen Investment, a global provider of advanced investment strategies and asset management solutions to forward-thinking investors, with an emphasis on delivering quality and excellence in all aspects of performance, today announced the launch of an innovative strategy to deliver asset management education and services to participants and interested parties in private industry liquidity programs.

Wealth management services will be provided by a recognized financial adviser team, with a focus on reinvesting liquidation gains from employee stock plans. After engaging in a liquidity plan, the team will work with founders and employees who are searching for wealth management services.

At Lagen Investment, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers better manage the ownership of their investments while also strengthening their relationships with coworkers and other shareholders. We know we can be of assistance to our employees, and we are proud to support them in developing their financial strength and education.

Companies are increasingly keeping data secure for extended periods, and they are establishing structured liquidity programs for employees and other shareholders who want to sell non-public equity ownership holdings for diversification or other reasons. A team of skilled financial specialists will offer these individuals financial education and services as part of this project.

The program is the latest in Lagen Investment’s lengthy list of educational activities aimed at assuring a brighter future for financial inclusion in all of the jurisdictions where it conducts business.

The company has already begun planning new projects for the near future, which will be discussed during the annual business review.

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