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Numerous industries use seamless rolled rings as a viral metal component for a variety of applications. As these rings are robust, cost-effective, and durable, they are used as a key component in jet turbines, windmills, paper mills as well as in helicopter gearboxes. Make sure that you are contacting a reliable and renowned Seamless Rolled Rings Supplier so that you can get top-quality products.

If a comparison is done between these seamless rolled rings and other metal components, then it can be said that these rings can maintain their strength even during high-temperature functions. To produce these rings, a metal working process is done in which a hole gets punched in a solid round metal piece so that a doughnut shape can be created. After that, it is squeezed and pressurized into a thin ring. Then, at re-crystallization temperature, the ring is heated. Next, it is placed on an idler roll and after that, it is moved to a drive roll.

The metal gets punched in the center for creating a necessary hole and then it is placed in the ring mill. In the ring mill, different types of rolls are used such as a drive roll, an idler roll, and the two axial tolls.

If you want to purchase these rings, you can contact Forgewell Limited, the best Seamless Rolled Rings Supplier which has started operations with one drop hammer. This company was founded in 1978. Since then, it has remained a family-managed company having a medium-sized structure. This company always tries to focus on customers’ needs and assures that the customers will get high-quality products.

Due to the timely delivery facility, reliable services, and outstanding quality of the products, this company has won the trust and got support from clients. Now, Forgewell Limited has production lines with –

Drop Hammers,

Ring Rolling complemented with in-house CNC/VMC Machining

Deep Hole Gun Drilling.

This company keeps a central documentation cell for recording the history of every product along with evidential test results, stage inspection reports, and the test certificate of manufacturers. Recently, they have received the “Certificate of Appreciation” from DANA.

About the company

Forgewell Limited, the best Seamless Rolled Rings Supplier procures all materials with the manufacturing test certificate and tests to assure the chemical or metallurgical properties including hardness. This company remains highly conscious of the areas where its products will be used. So, their quality control unit works inseparably with their production unit and assures the customers will get top-quality products. In this case, it needs to be mentioned that this company has a clientele in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Australia, and Lithuania.