FlipHTML5’s Online Report Maker Keeps Audience’s Interest

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Whether it is a business report, an annual report, a sale report or any other type of report, its purpose is to convey and display specific information about a given topic. FlipHTML5 makes it easy for users to create a digital report online. Creating with FlipHTML5’s online report maker (https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/create/digital-report/) is a breeze because it’s streamlined and efficient. Users can effortlessly upload their local file to FlipHTML5, and it will be converted into a digital report quickly. The platform supports the upload of multiple files, which can be merged into a single comprehensive report. Users have the freedom to customize their online reports, like setting the page-flipping effects as they prefer, vertically or horizontally.

Visuals are a great way to keep the attention of audiences. As an online report maker, FlipHTML5 empowers users to enhance their content by embedding multi-media elements in their digital reports, like videos, audio, slideshows, and hyperlinks, which present information attractively. In addition, FlipHTML5 allows users to add charts (bar chart, pie chart and line chart) that help people better understand how the data is affecting their company.

With its powerful features, FlipHTML5 helps users work flexibly. The online report maker allows users to seamlessly present their online reports to their colleagues in different regions in virtual meetings, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and many other meeting platforms. What’s more, FlipHTML5 offers the convenience of distributing sub-accounts to team members, allowing each individual to enjoy the same powerful features and collaborate effectively.

“With FlipHTML5’s online report maker, you can create impressive online reports by editing professional templates. We have plenty of free and fully customizable report templates that are waiting for you. Simply drag and drop your favorite images, customize the fonts, colors and edit the text to create an authentic report,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

To learn more about the online report maker, please visit https://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5
 FlipHTML5 is a versatile flipbook maker that transforms static documents into dynamic flipbooks featuring embedded links, videos, images, and more. The platform enables users to create and publish a wide range of interactive publications with captivating page-turning effects, such as e-magazines, product catalogs, PowerPoint presentations, photo albums, and more.