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Restorative dentists, sometimes called general dentists, are the quarterbacks that patients should see first before seeing a specialist. A lot of times, they can do simple restorative work to fix the teeth’s appearance and feel. If the restorative dentist can NOT fix the current tooth, they can refer the patient to the right specialist for the job.

A lot of restorative dentists can also do simple versions of the procedures the specialists do, such as simple clear aligner cases as well as simple root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, placement of implants and more. A lot of the time, a specialist such as an orthodontist or endodontist will still need to send their patient back to the restorative dentist who will restore the tooth back to a healthy state.

For their restorative cases, Blue Turtle Dental offers priority appointments in its Redwood City office. Their specialists are trained to quickly identify the problem and treat the condition to clear up the underlying cause of restorative procedures. Their restorative capabilities include:

Crowns & Bridges
Implant Placements
Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Root Canals
Clear Aligners (Invisalign & SureSmile)
Mouthguards & Retainers

At Blue Turtle Dental, leading-edge, high-tech treatments make their practice unique. Their staff of highly experienced dentists is trained in cultural sensitivity and speaks fluent Mandarin, Shanghainese, Tagalog, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish. They consider their patients to be part of the team and encourage honest communication and open dialog.

“With us, you can trust that you’re getting the exact care you need. We will never sell any patient unnecessary dental work or imaging, and from the complex to the routine, we will complete every procedure as close to perfection as possible.”

~Dr. Alex Yen, DDS, Owner & CEO, Blue Turtle Dental

For queries, please contact the experienced staff at Blue Turtle Dental. Contact Blue Turtle Dental today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alex Yen, DDS, Dr. Munazzah Hussain, DDS and Dr. Jessica Sheu, DDS to get your oral health in perfect shape.

About Blue Turtle Dental:

Blue Turtle Dental is a privately owned and operated dental suite that you can count on for the best dental care in Redwood City & Palo Alto, CA. You can count on us for integrity, innovation, and empathetic practice. We don’t sell you treatments that have no benefit to you just to improve our bottom line and work together to find the right option for you, not only aesthetically but financially as well.

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