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In the digital age, people gravitate towards things with exceptional experiences. Mango Animate, an animation product software provider, has released an animated presentation maker (, called Mango PM. With the launch of Mango PM, the company takes presentation design to new heights by incorporating stunning 2D and 3D dynamic backgrounds, delivering awe-inspiring cinematic effects.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Mango Animate’s animated presentation maker provides an infinite canvas to support users in telling their stories, allowing storytellers to zoom in infinitely by scrolling the mouse. The remarkable aspect is that the image quality remains pristine, even with extensive zooming. In addition, Mango PM makes it easy to zoom out their canvas so that users can easily browse through the entire effect during operation.

If users choose Mango Animate’s animated presentation maker, they are easy to start their design journey. Mango PM provides many online presentation templates, catering to various themes such as product introductions, education, and festivals. Users can choose a template and replace it with their own content, which enables them to quickly make a good-looking presentation. The 3D effect is one of the features of Mango PM. By incorporating zooming, rotation, and panning effects, the software transforms a traditional slideshow into a captivating three-dimensional movie. The 3D background template of Mango PM helps many users who have no experience in animation design to create a professional animated presentation.

“As a modern software provider, we also need to keep up with the development of industry technology. Our animated presentation maker serves as a great tool to help you create trendy presentations with dynamic effects” said Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate, “We will do our best to help you create your presentation in the most innovative form within the shortest possible time.”

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is an inventive animation software provider that facilitates crafting animated videos and GIFs. Their team is fueled by boundless enthusiasm for creating engaging and lively content. With an extensive collection of free media and prebuilt templates, Mango Animate offers a wealth of tools and resources to produce captivating animated videos for any purpose and is designed to make video creation accessible to all, regardless of skill level or experience.