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I am super excited to announce the Grand Opening of Dorie Sher Gallery!

First, let me introduce myself and let you know why I decided to open this gallery.

Currently, I’m 53 years old. Born and raised in St. Louis. Lived in Chicago from 1992-2009 while working in cancer research & developing molecular oncology diagnostics & clinical laboratories at U of Chicago, Loyola University Cancer Center & U of Illinois – Chicago.

In 2010, while beginning to plant my roots in St. Louis as an adult, I had a freak accident & suffered trauma that led to my having to shut down my usual mode of activity. Competitive athletics & recreational running, biking & softball came to an abrupt halt. Eventually, the rigors of the medical field overwhelmed my physical health as well. No more long, 12-14 hour days, long haul flights & usual physical activity.

In 2014, I realized that I had another calling especially with all the knowledge I gained from my medical profession & the countless hours of physical therapy as a result of the accident & the numerous surgeries that followed. I decided to create a novel category of personal training within the St. Louis area. One that welcomed individuals of all ages & abilities which specialized in managing client-specific & scientifically guided post rehabilitation programs for those challenged with acute illnesses, chronic medical issues & lifelong limitations. We all suffer challenges in our lives, illnesses, job changes/challenges, etc. I never imagined that I would be in circumstances where I would be having serious challenges from 2010 onward. I was in a place that was difficult to explain to others. A time of grieving for the abilities lost & the limitations that ensued after my accident. My world turned upside down both physically and now mentally.

2014 was a turning point, but 2016 was a wakeup call. While I thought I’d be content with beginning my new venture, Gateway Mobility & Fitness Associates, a gaping hole remained. I had to reinvent myself in terms of outlets for social interaction & recreation. Gym workouts, running & road biking would either change drastically or become nonexistent. I became overwhelmed by thoughts of how to engage with the community, build a social life as a single adult in St. Louis, & live with limitations that prevented my ability to have opportunities to enjoy life as I had in the past.

On a whim, I decided to try something I never thought of doing nor did I think I could ever do. I spent the winter months in 2018 gathering supplies & making an art studio in my house. I would focus on abstract painting using acrylics on canvas. Even though I didn’t think much of my artwork, it became an escape from anxiety & stress related to my chronic health issues & the subsequent day-to-day challenges. While never being able to predict what each day would bring, I knew that painting would distract me from the insurmountable worry & anxiety precipitated by constant pain and wonder of how to move forward in my life.

I never planned to show my artwork to anyone. I was critical of my work but it served its purpose in my life. Simply put, it is the most productive way for me to express my thoughts & emotions. Each piece is created with its own style, colors & generally reflects my state of mind as it transforms over time. Because it was so personal & reflected my emotional state, I was very private about it & only showed my artwork to several family members. Little by little, word got around & I was eventually asked if I would accept commission requests. I was not interested in making this a full-time job because of the incredible outlet & freedom painting provided me. I realized that I could only paint if I was in the frame of mind to do so & purely for enjoyment. Eventually the number of commission requests grew over time and I participated in my first art show in the fall of 2022. I realized that I had become a professional artist. It’s not easy for me to introduce myself this way. How could this be?? What attracted me to this hobby and how did it become a passion? BALANCE in life! Some people meditate, some exercise, & some, like me, try something completely different & out of the box. I couldn’t possibly be the only person thriving from such a hobby & I’m certain that many others had been living in a rut like myself. I never imagined becoming an artist ever in my life. I couldn’t even draw a good stick figure. I realized that everyone has the ability to paint. Where could one go if they don’t have the space and supplies of their own? Where would be the place to escape & have the privilege of meeting new people, painting whatever they had in mind and not be judged in a casual, comfortable & safe manner? Where can I go by myself or with friends to hang out, paint, or mingle where everyone can be themselves & escape for a few hours without it having to be an “event”?

What if there are local artists that never had the opportunity to show their artwork? What if there was a gallery to encompass all of the above. This is the mission of the Dorie Sher Gallery. While my name is on the door, I want it to be an inviting & welcoming space created especially for those who minimize their creative abilities but need an escape from everyday stress & anxiety. An environment to express themselves & their individuality without judgement. My goal is to make the gallery accessible to those looking for a unique way to meet & be a part of a community oriented & creative space. There truly is an inner artist in everyone & I’m excited to welcome others into finding their balance and passion through art.

Friday, June 23, 5 -7:30 pm
*RSVP is not required – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

Visit our website to see a sampling of our work and to learn more.

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