CREATIVE NEWTECH announces its Q4 results

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Creative Newtech (NSE: Creative), one of India’s leading Brand Licensee and Market Entry Specialist today announced it’s reported growth numbers for the period Q4 ending May 31th 2023.

Highlights of Q3 FY 23-24 V/s Q4 FY 23-24 (Standalone) (in Cr.)
• Total Revenue of Rs. 413.62 in Q3 , Rs.397.74 in Q4
• EBIDTA of Rs. 10.71 in Q3 , Rs.11.29 in Q4
• PAT of Rs. Rs. 5.71 in Q3 , Rs.6.32 in Q4
• EPS of Rs. Rs. 4.55 in Q3 , Rs.4.98 in Q4

Highlights of Q3 FY 23-24 V/s Q4 FY 23-24 (Consolidated) (in Cr.)
• Total Revenue of Rs. 428.98 in Q3 , Rs.402.98 in Q4
• EBIDTA of Rs. 12.69 in Q3 , Rs.11.49 in Q4
• PAT of Rs. Rs. 7.67 in Q3 , Rs.6.51 in Q4
• EPS of Rs. Rs. 5.52 in Q3 , Rs.5.20 in Q4

Management Comment

Commenting on the results, Ketan Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, said,” In Q4 this year, the continued success of our business was to add more brands to our portfolio, Cricut and Razer. The Q 4 also witnessed a steady growth in the sales of FMEG products, offline and online. We expect the momentum to carry forward into FY 23-24 and plan to expand our portfolio by adding more reputed and global brands. Along with the high revenue by our electronic goods portfolio”.

About Creative Newtech: Established in 1992, husband-wife duo of Ketan and Purvi Patel, the Mumbai-based company has grown organically in 3 decades to become one of India’s leading Brand Licensee and Market Entry
Creative Newtech, formerly Creative Peripherals and Distributions Private Limited, specializes in the distribution of cutting-edge products in the FMSG, FMCT, FMEG and EB sectors. The company has a strong presence in the country’s IT distribution sector owing to a broad network of partners and distribution channels. The company has an omnichannel network that spans the online, offline, and retail trade channels. Being an industry leader, the company offers 25+ brands and 3200+ products, has 5000+ happy channel partners, and achieves 10000+ monthly distribution solutions from contract manufacturing to retail distribution and brand licensing and is a house of 300 employees. Listed on NSE since August 2019, the company has improved its top line, showing tremendous resilience in exceeding financial growth year on year. Creative Newtech will continue to work with its world-class ecosystems, making intelligent life for users from around the globe.
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