BearStopper LLC Crafts Bear-Proof Garbage Containers

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BearStopper LLC is pleased to announce that they have designed a revolutionary bear-proof garbage container box designed to keep bears out. These strong containers are a safe, effective way to keep bears out of the garbage without impeding human use.

BearStopper LLC is crafted from strong stainless steel with heavy-duty lift-off hinges that keep bears out but don’t hinder throwing garbage away or collecting it. The storage boxes feature one of the best door designs to prevent bear break-ins with a keyless gravity door latch assembly that allows humans to easily open the garbage container to dispose of trash or for waste management companies to collect the garbage. A trash pick-up indicator flag easily notifies the waste management company that they should pick it up from the box.

BearStopper LLC is fully customizable, allowing individuals to create the perfect garbage container to match the aesthetics of their property. Stock options are also available. Customers interested in bear-proofing their garbage will find these containers affordable and humane.

Anyone interested in learning about these revolutionary bear-proof garbage containers can find out more by visiting the BearStopper LLC website or calling 1-209-890-3345.

About BearStopper LLC: BearStopper LLC is a safe, humane bear-proof garbage container box designed to be easy to use for humans while keeping bears out of the trash. The revolutionary design is simple and provides excellent protection against bear break-ins. These boxes are affordable and blend well into the surroundings.

Company: BearStopper LLC
Telephone number: 1-209-890-3345

“Bears are some of the most adaptable predators on the planet. Once they start associating humans with food, they become a major nuisance. If you live in an area with wild animals nearby, you should know that simply taking your garbage inside won’t help. Bears can still smell it from far away, and they will destroy your property in search of food.

Our USA-made Garbage Can Enclosures (GCE’s or “Bear Boxes”) are some of the strongest, most reliable you can find. By using our Bear Boxes, you’re doing your part to keep both your community and the local wildlife safe, and we want to thank you for that. We’re BearStopper. It’s not just our name; it’s our promise.”