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Life doesn’t wait, and it’s constantly changing. That’s why estate planning should be flexible, reliable, and tailored to every individual’s needs. At ePIC Services Company, we’ve worked hard to revolutionize the world of estate planning with cutting-edge digital transformation solutions.

COVID-19 has expedited the need for digital transformation, and ePIC Services Company is leading the way. Families needing estate planning services can access affordable solutions through our innovative process – from anywhere. You don’t need to schedule face-to-face meetings with us to establish or update your trust.

We are fully equipped to provide you with the necessary support to accomplish your legacy planning objectives and goals. You can get expert advice, legal help, and funding support; enjoy a hassle-free onboarding experience. With our innovative, cloud-based technology, eStatePlan, clients can use an economical and user-friendly option to create a secure online trust document customized to fit their needs.

The document can be filled out from the client portal anytime, day or night. Additionally, we have an advisor and physician portal that allows advisors to collaborate on the trust document and manage their client’s estate plans in a secure environment. The power of digital transformation has allowed ePIC Services Company to offer more accessible options for individuals needing estate planning services without compromising on quality.

With this new technology, customers can complete their trust documents quickly and securely without leaving the comfort of their homes.

With eStatePlan, you will enjoy:

? Complete Access Portal – When you buy eStatePlan, you receive a lifetime FREE membership with exclusive access to the client portal. This allows you to make unlimited changes to your estate plan according to any changes in your family planning goals.
? Effortless Integration – The eStatePlan platform helps all parties involved in estate planning to connect and work together. These parties include the client, the ePIC Back Office, the investment advisor of record, the insurance agent of record, the attorney of record, and the appointed successor (corporate) trustee.
? Electronic Funding – The eStatePlan has made funding living trusts much more manageable with its cloud-based digital process. It uses electronic asset-transfer ledgers, eliminating the need for the traditional and time-consuming front-end retitlement process. As a result, this process is faster and more convenient – just like it should be.
It’s incredible how far we’ve come since 2017; we are excited about what this new technology can do for our clients. With the features and benefits of eStatePlan, you can enjoy a secure, flexible estate planning experience that fits your needs while ensuring that your legacy is preserved and passed on to future generations.

With ePIC Services Company’s revolutionary approach, customers can access more affordable trust options while receiving high-quality customer service from a team with over 250 years of combined experience. If you want to try our legacy services before committing, please book a meeting with our onboarding specialist today.