Lagen Investment Promotes New Service Ensuring Access to a Broader Investment Industry

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Mathias Weber
International Commerce Centre
Hong Kong
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Lagen Investment, a global provider of advanced investment strategies and asset management solutions to forward-thinking investors, with an emphasis on delivering quality and excellence in all aspects of performance, is pleased to announce its initiative to develop a new service that would give clients access to a broader range of markets, including foreign exchange, indexes, and commodities. This is part of the company’s goal to continue its Asian operations on a larger scale.

Commenting on investment alternatives, Alfred Lowin, Co-Heads of Emerging Markets Portfolio Management said: “Individual investors are becoming more conscious of the importance of foreign currencies in global economics and how currency values affect other types of investments. Currencies are being put to the test as the local debt crisis worsens. Thus, it is a great opportunity for investors to diversify their investment portfolio by adding foreign exchange to it, along with other types of investments.”

Clients may access the new trading platform via several means supported by advanced technology. This will allow them to access informational business databases, monitor ongoing performance, and view real-time rankings and news while on the go.

Lagen Investment is dedicated to revealing data transparency and providing high-quality services, which are available in an updated format that helps clients be informed on a constant basis. There are multi-functional features of the platform that eases the process of obtaining the required information. Investors who want to evaluate programmed strategies against the robust and effective valuations of a market leader can use Lagen Investment’s new offerings, which include the active trading platform.

About Lagen Investment
Lagen Investment is a leading asset management company that provides a wide range of financial solutions comprising guidance, development, and investment strategies. Proprietary research, a collaborative culture, and a great deal of experience define our insights into innovative investing and wealth preservation. We conduct in-depth, on-the-ground fundamental analysis to find the most compelling opportunities with portfolios that are significantly different from benchmarks. From a long-term perspective, our continuous focus, discipline, and track record have been proven in a variety of market cycles. Our open work environment embodies our collaboration and teamwork, fostering openness and diversity of thought that shape optimal decision-making. Lagen Investment strives to align the fundamental disciplines of the company’s investment philosophy with the individual needs of our clients regarding the growth and preservation of their wealth.