Unique privileges are available at the first visit in car service of the Porsche Center Pulkovo

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Porsche owners receive up to 40% privileges for car maintenance when visiting the Porsche Center Pulkovo service center, which is part of the AVTODOM group of companies, for the first time. A guarantee for all replaced components and assemblies of a car is one of the important advantages of contacting an official service center. Porsche Center Pulkovo is responsible for the quality of the services provided. Therefore, Porsche owners can be sure that all service work is carried out using original parts.

The equipment used in the dealership fully complies with the technical requirements that the Porsche brand imposes on official dealers. Porsche Center Pulkovo specialists undergo regular training and improve their skills in order to meet the high standards of the brand.

Privileges are provided for new customers of Porsche Center Pulkovo: 40% for service maintenance and 20% for spare parts. Other offers are available at the service center: delivery of a Porsche car for repair and back, tire fitting with up to 50% discount, seasonal storage of tires or a set of wheels.

The Porsche service delivery service saves customers time. Porsche Center Pulkovo specialists will pick up the car at the specified address and deliver it back after the work has been completed.

Tire fitting works are being carried out by the beginning of the summer season in the Porsche Center Pulkovo. You can install new tires with privileges up to 50%. The service of storage of tires or a set of wheels is also available to the clients. Porsche Center Pulkovo specialists will make sure that the tires do not lose their properties during storage and last for more than one season. You can see all the offers of Porsche Center Pulkovo on the official site.

«We value our customers and offer them comfortable conditions for servicing cars. A full range of services for diagnostics, repair and car care is carried out at the Porsche Center Pulkovo. Timely contacting the service center helps to prevent malfunctions and reduce future service costs. High-quality services and privileges for the maintenance of Porsche cars are waiting for our customers», – Alexey Bezzubov, Director of after-sales service at Porsche Center Pulkovo, commented.