Free Data Science Fast Track Course

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Free Data Science Fast Track Course

InfosecTrain hosts a live event entitled ‘Data Science Fast Track Course’ with certified expert ‘NAWAJ’.


Corporate Trainer | Consultant | Mentor

The multidimensional subject of data science uses statistical and computational methods to extract knowledge and information from enormous and complex data sets. To address real-world problems, create predictions, and enhance decision-making, it combines a variety of approaches including data mining, machine learning, predictive modeling, and data visualization.

When: 27th Mar – 7th Apr (Weekdays) 08.00 -11.00 PM (IST)

Why attend:
Data Science is not the future anymore, it is rather the present. This masterclass would be extremely beneficial to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Data Science. It will be delivered by a domain expert with extensive industry experience. With our instructors who are specialists in their disciplines, we hold a global reputation. Attending this webinar will benefit you in a variety of ways.

Agenda for the bootcamp
Tools Covered
• Python
• R
• Tableau
• PowerBi

Day 1:
• Introduction to Data Science
• Overview of the Bootcamp
• Data Science Process
• Introduction to Python
• Basic Data Types in Python
• Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
• Python Libraries for Data Science: NumPy, Pandas

Day 2:
• Working with DataFrames in Pandas
• Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
• Data Visualization with Matplotlib
• Basic Statistical Concepts
• Descriptive Statistics
• Probability Concepts
• Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions
• Sampling Techniques and Confidence Intervals
• Hypothesis Testing

Day 3:
• Regression Analysis
• Simple Linear Regression
• Model Evaluation and Selection
• Multiple Linear Regression
• Regularization Techniques: Ridge and Lasso
• Model Evaluation Metrics: R-squared, MSE, MAE

Day 4:
• Classification Algorithms
• Logistic Regression
• Decision Trees and Random Forests
• Model Evaluation Metrics: Confusion Matrix, ROC Curve

Day 5:
• Introduction to R Programming
• Basic Data Types in R
• Data Structures in R: Vectors, Matrices, Data Frames
• Data Import and Export in R
• Working with Data Frames in R

Day 6:
• Data Cleaning and Pre-processing in R
• Data Visualization with ggplot2
• Basic Statistical Concepts in R
• Advanced Statistical Concepts in R
• ANOVA and Non-parametric Methods
• Time Series Analysis

Day 7:
• Introduction to MySQL
• Relational Database Concepts
• SQL Syntax and Queries
• SQL Joins and Aggregations
• Subqueries and Views in SQL
• Connecting to MySQL in Python and R
• Working with Data in MySQL

Day 8:
• Introduction to Tableau
• Connecting to Data Sources
• Creating Visualizations in Tableau
• Basic Calculations in Tableau
• Advanced Visualization Techniques in Tableau
• Creating Interactive Dashboards
• Sharing and Publishing Visualizations

Day 9:
• Introduction to Power BI
• Connecting to Data Sources in Power BI
• Creating Reports and Visualizations in Power BI
• Basic Calculations in Power BI
• Advanced Visualization Techniques in Power BI
• Creating Interactive Dashboards in Power BI
• Sharing and Publishing Reports in Power BI

Day 10:
• Case Studies in Data Science
• Final Project Preparation
• Final Project Presentation
• Participants will work on a real-world project and apply the skills and techniques learned throughout the bootcamp
• Participants will present their projects and receive feedback from instructors and peers
• Q&A and Feedback Session
• Closing remarks and next steps for continuing education and career development.

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