OFC2023 Preview: Fiber Array Subassemblies for Coherent and Silicon Transmission

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With the rapid development of 100G, 400G, and 800G high-speed transmission, optical transceiver modules are developing towards highly integrated small packages, and the demand for small-volume optical fiber arrays in data centers and 5G commercial is also growing. HYC has many years of experience in high-density parallel optical design/manufacturing capabilities and automated precision assembly/testing capabilities, and can develop a full range of high-precision fiber array optical subassemblies.

HYC has advanced back-end process for PLC/AWG wafers, and end-to-end FA process from V-groove cutting to FA testing. Equipped with high-precision V-groove cutting equipment, grinding equipment, and core-pitch precision testing equipment, which can ensure the accuracy end-face and polishing angle of fiber array. HYC will present this series of FA products at OFC2023, including lidless FA, ultra-small FA, 2D FA, MFD FA for silicon photonics, and polarization maintaining (PM) FA for coherent transmission.

At the show, we will also highlight this polarization maintaining FA-MT to visitors. It is such an optical subassembly for 400G ZR/ZR+ high-speed transceivers that solves the key problem of coherent module interface. This product won the “2022 Innovative Product Award” at the “2022 Optical Connection Conference” hosted by C&C industry media organization not long ago for its industry-leading technological advantages and product innovation capabilities.

The special feature of PM FA – MT is that multiple PM FAs and multiple MTs can be randomly combined in any series or array according to demands, and it is suitable for various CPO photoelectric co-sealed coherent communication modules.

In coherent optical communication, the consistency of the polarization state of light has a great impact on the performance. If the polarization state changes during transmission, crosstalk noise will be generated, affecting signal quality. PM fiber array can keep the polarization state of the light wave unchanged in the transmission process, and effectively improve the coherent signal-to-noise ratio. Compared with ordinary fiber arrays, PM FA requires high-precision processing to ensure accurate alignment of the polarization states on both ends of the connector, and to ensure high-precision positions and angles of each channel of the FA. HYC has many years of high-density parallel optical design/manufacturing capabilities, automated precision assembly/testing capabilities, and can provide customers with a full range of high-precision optical fiber array subassemblies, including PM FA, lidless FA, ultrasmall FA, 2D FA, etc.

High extinction ratio (up to 28dB), low loss (0.3dB), and ultra-high pitch accuracy (0.5um) can still be guaranteed under the complex combination of multiple cores, ensuring high coupling rate and stability between devices and chips. The end-face distance between FA and MT can be as short as 15mm, which is better than the conventional 25mm.

Capable of realizing the high-precision measurement of physical quantity, PM FA-MT is widely used in coherent optical communication. As coherent technology continues to sink from long distance to medium and long distance, it will have a very broad market prospect.

As a leading manufacturer of passive optical component, HYC is excited to participate in this important event and share our latest products with attendees. Welcome to join us at Booth #2622.