A unique exhibition of paintings by a contemporary artist is presented at AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg

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This helps companies find points of intersection with artists and reach a new level of interaction with their audience. Exposition The Big Bang Theory was developed Specially for AVTODOM BMW. Rostislav Likhanov muralist, teacher at the Stieglitz Academy is the author of paintings. The exhibition of works is held in the dealer center AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg at Startovaya Street, 10.

The genesis of life on Earth is depicted in a composition of five paintings. Acquaintance with the Large Hadron Collider, which is located at the Swiss Center for Nuclear Research, served as the Idea for the creation of the series. The genesis of life and the stages of the formation of civilizations are depicted as dynamic fragments and form a single composition. The paintings are created on the iPad and printed on canvas.

Dynamics, progress and development, the use of new innovative approaches – this is makes AVTODOM BMW stand out from other car dealers. We invite guests to the dealership at Startovaya Street, 10 so that they can enjoy the works of modern art and appreciate the high-tech cars of the BMW brand. The most up-to-date cars available for purchase are exhibited at AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg. For example, the BMW 7 Series and the BMW X7 are on show at the dealership.

“AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg actively supports contemporary art. We are always open to new things and try to please the customers of the dealership not only with unique BMW cars, but also with unusual works of art. A joint project with the art.coordinate Foundation is a great opportunity to support contemporary artists. Dynamic paintings by Rostislav Likhanov are in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the dealership and attract the attention of guests”, – Olga Emelyanova, Sales Director of AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg, commented.

“AVTODOM BMW builds the future from important points of attraction in the present. We are glad that art is one of these points and that its impulse led to cooperation with the art.coordinate Foundation”, – Daria Kalinina, Founder and President of the Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art coordinate commented.