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Flame Fanatic has you covered if you want candles that have color and character. Its color-changing candles are an item that can light up your day! The candles can be personalized with your organization’s branding, making the candles suitable for giveaways, commemorative gifts, and fundraising efforts. In addition, a company representative notes its products are the only candle technology on the market that can change color and return to their original hue. Flame Fanatic candles are handcrafted and poured in the United States using a clean-burning premium wax. Moreover, they use a lead-free natural fiber wick that does not create soot when lighted. You can now choose between two sizes: 1.5 and 8 ounces.

Proprietary Method The spokesperson adds that the color-changing effect is made possible by a proprietary ingredient called ColorSine. This thermochromic substance enables the wax to go from a colorless to a colored state as its melting point is reached. Furthermore, various color gradients are produced during the melting process. As a result, you’ll see a different hue saturation whenever you light a candle.

Designer Fragrances Aside from the interplay of color, each candle also emits an appealing fragrance. Flame Fanatic works with master perfumers who use carefully curated premium scents. As the candle burns, it releases top, middle, and bottom notes similar to your designer perfumes. The representative says: “Our candles provide a multi-sensory experience that will delight your recipients. Whether you’re selling them for charity or giving them as a token gift to long-serving employees, these candles will deliver a smile.” You can now ask for complimentary samples through the Flame Fanatic website. The company also fulfills wholesale purchases.

Flame Fanatic’s proprietary candles are made by Kromara, a family-owned company headquartered in Twinsburg, OH. The company has over 25 years of candle-making experience and works closely with various organizations looking for unique products that drive effective fundraising. Christian School Products have recognized the company’s color-changing candles as one of the top products of 2022. This amazing gift will impress your friends, family, employees, or donors! Visit for all the information you need.