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Not many people know about IRS tax laws. If you are one of them, you should look for a tax professional who can guide you through difficult situations and regulations around them. Leading Tax Group is where you will find every solution you are looking for.

At Leading Tax Group, our top tax experts (including lawyers, former IRS auditors, and enrolled agents) are committed to working with you and providing you with the information, advice, and consultation you need.

Objectives Of Leading Tax Group

Leading Tax Group is an expert consultation agency of tax consultants, attorneys, enrolled agents, and former IRS auditors. We are committed to working with individuals and business organizations to ensure that federal tax audit goes as smoothly as possible with full adherence to the law. We can help our clients to handle all kinds of tax problems with the utmost professionalism and commitment to the law.

Call Leading Tax Group to learn more about how we can help you; our top consultants can advise you about the options you have for your situation.

What Can You Get At Leading Tax Group?

Leading Tax Group has clients from all over California who turn to us when they need tax advice and representation. Our agency will provide you with the best assessment and services in all of California, from Encino to Pasadena and from Beverly Hills to San Diego.

Our experienced team of experts will be happy to sit down for an assessment to help you. We are at the top of the game, whether it’s tax representation services, a consultation, or just advice that you need.

When you turn to the tax experts and lawyers at Leading Tax Group, you trust us, and we take that seriously. Our agency will do whatever it takes to protect your assets and provide relief for any tax liability that might be assessed against you.

Our tax experts and lawyers have experience in all areas of tax debt. Allow an accountant or attorney from our firm to explore every possible avenue to bring that tax liability amount under control.

Reasons For Choosing Leading Tax Group

Trust our experienced tax experts (consisting of a former IRS tax attorney, a retired IRS auditor, and a professional tax accountant). We assign an entire team of experts to achieve the best results on every federal tax case in CA.

From attorney services to helping to settle tax debt, we pride ourselves on providing the best in tax services and giving you some relief. From the assessment of your sales and tax debt to the finer details of your particular tax challenge, our highly-skilled experts are on the case.

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