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Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Leading digital user feedback software Mopinion just released its 2023 Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report which reveals how various organisations worldwide are keeping pace with digital customer experience management. The analysis offers insights to help organisations better understand the current state of digital CX management and where potential areas of improvement lie.

According to the report, a surprisingly large number of organisations – 24%! – are still struggling to succeed in their digital CX management efforts. A closer look at the three dimensions measured in the Benchmark report – Measure, Manage and Master – indicate why this might be happening.

The majority (92%) of the organisations surveyed collect digital feedback. However, it appears there are some cracks in other areas of measurement including the extent of digital channels being measured as well as the amount of attention given to digital initiatives compared to the more traditional ones (i.e. only 60% indicated that the digital CX gets as much attention as traditional CX.

Mopinion’s Head of Marketing, Quirijn van der Haven:
“It’s promising to see that organisations have recognised the value of gathering digital insights and are taking steps to improve their digital experience. However, there is absolutely room for improvement in terms of channel expansion and further digitisation of the customer experience.”

Just over half of the respondents (55%) shared that they ‘Always’ or ‘Almost Always’ analyse feedback (in real-time). The sample also scored quite low in terms of reporting, with only 68% reporting their findings at board level. This suggests that the data might be collected purely for quick-wins rather than long term gains or these organisations don’t have access to the appropriate analytics solutions to further investigate trends and report on them. Either way it appears that the data is therefore being unused or wasted.

“This is concerning because a proper analysis is needed in order to truly understand the digital experience. Without it, these organisations will continue to fall short in their overall digital CX efforts.”

The results from the Master dimension also send an important message. With nearly 76% of organisations expressing that they believe digital customer feedback provides important input for internal improvements, only half of those organisations (52%) are actually (effectively) following up on their feedback.

“The results of the second two dimensions – Manage and Master – have led us to believe that lower success levels are likely attributed to two factors: maturity levels in Digital CX (i.e. organisations that have just initiated their digital CX programs) and attention paid towards the analysis and follow up of data.”

The good news is that the data is often available – integrating it into existing analysis programs is doable, and creates far more impact for an organisation’s work. In other words, the potential is there for these organisations to achieve real success.

For the Benchmark report, nearly 8,000 professionals were selected to participate. These professionals are active in fields such as Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, User Experience and Product Management at leading organisations across the globe. Among the participants were professionals from a wide range of industries including Software, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Finance, Telecommunications and more.

Just like previous benchmark reports carried out by Mopinion, the data in this report showcases the degree to which organisations conduct their digital customer experience management activities using three dimensions: Measure, Manage and Master. Based on a series of 15 questions, the respondents ranked themselves in each of these areas.
The report also delves into the industry insights and the active policy of organisations as well as their perceived level of success.

About Mopinion
Mopinion is a rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider and market leader in the field of digital user feedback collection and analysis for digital channels such as websites, email and mobile apps. This all-in-one solution turns feedback into actionable data that gives digital marketing teams more insight into the voice of the customer. Mopinion works with many forward-thinking digital teams such as KPN, Ahold, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Calvin Klein, Allianz, Scania and Decathlon.