Home Town Restyling Awards the Last Home Makeover Sweepstakes Winner of 2022

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Home Town Restyling, the leading home remodeling company in Iowa, has announced the last winner of their 2022 Home Makeover Sweepstakes. From the few thousand entries from Eastern Iowa residents, Melissa Mitchell of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was chosen on the third and final draw of the year.

The prize is a $7,500 gift certificate, which can be used for various home remodeling services from Home Town Restyling, with the exclusion of expenses on electrical, plumbing, flooring, and countertops. With this, the winner can make her home improvement dreams come true, be it a bathroom remodel or a new patio installation.

For Melissa Mitchell, she plans on using the prize to install brand-new windows for her house. She had them recently replaced, but it was done by an out-of-town remodeling company that, unfortunately, did an unsatisfactory job. This time, with the help of Home Town Restyling’s experts, she can rest assured that she will receive reliable and top-notch remodeling services.

Since 2007, Home Town Restyling has been conducting triannual sweepstakes for the residents of Eastern Iowa. Aside from serving as a thank you to the community, this contest also gives homeowners the chance to achieve the home improvement project they’ve been dreaming of.

If you didn’t have the chance to join or failed to win during the previous sweepstakes, you can still try your luck and enter the 2023 drawings. As always, three lucky Eastern Iowa residents will win a gift certificate they are free to use for any home remodeling project they desire. This year, the winning prize is back to the previous $5,000.

To enter the sweepstakes, you can write to Home Town Restyling at 1205 North Center Point Road, Hiawatha, Iowa 52233 or fill out the online entry form on their website. Visit https://www.hometownrestyling.com to learn more about this triannual sweepstakes.


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