ActivTrak Announces Integration with Google Workspace

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ActivTrak announced an integration with Google Workspace to deliver personal work insights that empower employees to improve their digital work habits and wellness. ActivTrak for Google Workspace enables customers to embed individual work metrics into their Google Workspace applications, giving employees immediate visibility to help them redesign their work day, protect focus time and improve well-being.

Research shows that constant interruptions from digital work tools can lead to declines in productivity, employee experience and well-being, resulting in higher employee attrition. According to ActivTrak’s 2022 State of the Workplace Report, collaboration tools interrupt employees an average 70 times per day, and only 3% of employees have focus sessions that last longer than 50 minutes.

ActivTrak gives employees visibility into their work habits to help them improve their workplace experience and develop critical skills for personal development. With ActivTrak for Google Workspace, it’s even easier by embedding individual work activity metrics into Google Workspace apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides, which are open throughout the day.

The integration delivers insights about digital work across all apps and websites, including app usage, screen time, distractions, focus time, breaks taken and days overworked. Employees can seamlessly and privately view personal ActivTrak metrics in Google Workspace on a daily and weekly basis for self-awareness to determine how to modify their work day, reduce distractions and increase wellness. ActivTrak’s configurable privacy controls allow insights to be shared at personal and aggregate levels aligned with a company’s culture, employee experience, compliance and business goals.

Key metrics include:

* Daily Total Screen Time
* Productive Time
* Average Focus Session
* Top Attention Shifting Apps/Sites
* Days Overworked
* Total Break Time and Average # of Daily Breaks

ActivTrak workforce analytics solutions for workforce productivity, workplace efficiency and employee engagement are also available to customers through Google Cloud Marketplace:

ActivTrak integrations also help organizations combine workforce activity data with other business applications and data sources such as contact center, customer service help desk, employee experience, voice of the employee, human capital management, project management, salesforce automation, workplace collaboration and productivity software, and more. This adds layers of additional visibility and insights into the broader context of individual and team productivity. To learn more and register your free account, please visit