ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Treatment for Male Infertility

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40% of the infertility in couples occurs due to male factors. This problem has persisted in our society for years, however, only now is it commonly talked about. The advancements in how our society views infertility and newfound technologies regarding the same has given hope to those affected.

Other than IVF, one such popular method is ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, also known as the ICSI-IVF. You can look for ICSI treatment in Delhi which offers a higher chance to get pregnant just as IVF.

Understanding The Process of ICSI Treatment
Before fertilization, a sperm’s head gets attached to the outer layer of the egg. Once the sperm attaches itself, it tries to enter the egg and reach the egg’s centre or the cytoplasm to fertilize it.

However, due to numerous reasons, a sperm can fail to perform this task. The reason can be its inability to swim or thicker outer layer. In some cases, the number of sperms available are insufficient or the patient’s reproductive tract is blocked.

Whatever may be the reason, ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is used in IVF for fertilizing the egg. Before getting an ICSI Treatment in Delhi, for your understanding, its process is discussed as follows:
• With the help of injections, hormones are regulated in the woman to release multiple eggs in a month.

• A small procedure in the is conducted to collect these eggs from the ovaries.

• Preferably, during the time of the procedure, fresh sample of semen is given by the man via ejaculation. After filtering the best sperm from the ejaculation, it is selected for completing the process.

• After selection is completed, the specialist themselves inject the sperm into the egg.

• Once the egg is fertilized, it is transferred into the uterus of the woman with the help of a catheter.

Who Should Get ICSI Treatment
There are a range of reasons for why you need to seek ICSI treatment centre in Delhi, these are given below.

• It is usually recommended when a male has fewer sperms, when the sperm has a poor morphology, or the shape of the sperm is not normal or when they have a poor motility.

• Individuals who have previous tried IVF and had a poor success rate with fewer to no eggs being fertilized.

• When a male has had a vasectomy or has a blockage that does not allow the sperm to reach the semen, the sperm is retrieved from the male reproductive organs via surgery.

• When a male has a chance of suffering from infertility or requires surgical retrieval of sperm, you can choose an ICSI treatment centre. It is recommended in case of low-quality frozen sperm.

• Your doctor will advise you ICSI treatment in case of testing the embryo for any genetic disorder.

How Much Does an ICSI Treatment Cost?
A top ICSI treatment centre in Delhi will make use of the best equipment to conduct the procedure. The total amount of this method’s one cycle involves the following:

• Stimulation injections for developing numerous eggs.
• The process conducted in the lab.
• Storing high-quality embryos for future.

This process will deliver a better success rate but may not be as budget friendly. In India, the cost of this treatment ranges between 2,100,000 INR to 2,60,000 INR.

Fertility in men can be affected by a variety of reasons. An ICSI treatment is recommended for individuals with lower sperm count, poor sperm motility or morphology, tubal blockage, etc.

ICSI is different from the traditional IVF and used when a sperm fails to enter the egg on its own due the layer outside the egg being thick or weak sperm. To assist this process, it includes injecting of a healthy sperm into the egg or oocyte for fertilization.