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Are your kids struggling with schoolwork? Need a little backup to get them through those exams? Check out MyExamsPrep’s new center in Tysons Corner for specialist coaching for grades 2 to 8! The new branch offers tutoring for a range of subjects including algebra and geometry. The company’s teaching team are all highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping your children maximize their potential. Get set to prep! Help your kids reach their potential with extra-curricular coaching at MyExamsPrep’s state-of-the-art learning center.

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The newly-opened premises in Tysons Corner is equipped with the latest in education technology including laptops, printers, and projectors as well as a fully-stocked library of academic resources. The center supports students who are struggling with their current courses, providing expertise and sharing proven techniques to improve performance in assessments and exams. Go on, give your kids a helping hand!

MyExamsPrep offers a personalized service to all students, tailoring content and lesson plans to meet the needs of individual subscribers. Private one-to-one sessions are available as are semi-private and group learning options. The company’s mathematics syllabus covers Algebra Pre, I, and II alongside Pre-calculus, Maths Analysis, and Geometry modules. The center also supports students who are preparing to take SAT, ACT, and PSAT examinations while helping them with college applications and preparing for life in further education. Does your child dream of going to university? Make sure it comes true with expert coaching. In addition to its tutoring services, MyExamsPrep also hosts an expertly-curated website that features a regular blog, offering insight and information for students on a range of topics relating to securing a place at university. You can also take free practice tests – to better assess progress and pinpoint what areas need work and ultimately achieve goals.

About MyExamsPrep Founded by Anil Goel and headquartered in Ashburn, VA, the company has been providing academic support for students since 2015.

MyExamsPrep prides itself on excellent communication with students and parents alike and is dedicated to developing young minds and helping them forge a pathway toward academic success. A spokesperson says, “Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals with a consistent and unparalleled record of boosting scores and grades. They are passionate about teaching students and at developing strong fundamentals to provide a robust foundation.” MyExamsPrep is committed to raising academic standards and giving young people access to better college and career opportunities.

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