The BRC Food Issue 9 Auditor Training PPT Kit has Recently Launched by the Global Manager Group

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Global Manager Group has introduced a BRC Food Safety Issue 9 awareness and auditor training kit for companies who want to provide BRCGS Food Standard (Issue 9) awareness and/or internal auditor training to their employees. This kit contains more than 350 editable PPT presentation slides that address all elements of the BRC food safety management system.

BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 Awareness and Auditor Training Kit provides a complete understanding of food safety principles, requirements of the latest issue of BRC Global food safety standard, principles and process of auditing a food safety management system, and much more. This training kit is also useful for training employees on food hygiene, safe food delivery practices, and implementation of the management system as per BRCGS Issue 9 food standards. The BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety requirements is described in great detail in our presentation. In addition, a BRCGS Food Issue 9 audit checklist has been included in the kit, which is a great tool for auditor’s training. This BRC food ppt presentation kit has been developed with the rich experience of our food safety management system trainers and consultants.

The BRC food safety issue 9 training PPT kit contains food safety and quality management system awareness & auditor training ppt presentation topic-wise in 8 modules are like an overview of the BRCGS issue- 9 standard, BRCGS food safety issue 9 standard requirements in detail, BRCGS food safety issue 9 documentation, Food safety principles, BRCGS food safety issue 9 internal audit / Inspection, Steps for BRCGS system implementation, Major changes in BRCGS issue- 9 standard and Workshop-1, 2 & 3. Each presentation is pleasingly designed and presented to communicate the message and establish a much better understanding of the BRCGS food safety issue- 9 system. It describes how to create BRCGS food safety issue- 9 documentation, and undertake an internal audit or verification of the food safety and quality management system.

Also, handouts on BRCGS food safety issue-9 training in a word file for a better understanding of each topic of the presentation kit are provided. The workshops are given to evaluate the effectiveness of BRCGS food safety issue-9 awareness and auditor training. A question bank of more than 1200 audit questions including BRCGS Food issue 9 requirements clause-wise and department-wise questions, which can be customized to make your BRCGS food safety Issue 9 internal audit checklist and also help in the verification of the implemented system. As well as a sample copy of the food safety auditor training certificate to provide the auditor certificate after completing training and solving the case studies and workshops and a sample copy of filled and blank templates on HACCP including PRP, process flow, product description, Hazard analysis, HACCP plan, CCP corrective action plan, and verification & validation plan. To know more, visit here:

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