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Denver, USA., December 29, 2022 – The new online global trade finance community, Trade Finance Forum has now been officially launched. The Forum will have multiple objectives of catering to the growth of MSMEs, knowledge disbursement by financial institutions, and promotion of innovation through widespread discussion among the community members.

The primary goal of the forum is to debate crucial financial industry hurdles and challenges, and offer solutions. This forum is open to discussions on trade finance as well as digitalization and their role in developing a more financially viable and eco-friendly world. Besides, the platform offers wonderful opportunities to network in trade finance. The Forum’s prime objective is to discuss critical challenges in the financial industry, trade finance expertise and digitalisation, and trade finance’s role towards a more sustainable and greener world. The platform also provides excellent networking opportunities relating to trade finance and beyond.

On the occasion of the launch, a spokesperson from Trade Finance Forum stated, “This is the first of its kind initiative to bring together the best minds and skilled professionals from the trade finance industry across the world in a single platform for discussing the issues at hand and their probable solutions.

The other spokesperson was more measured in his statement and noted, “Depending on the responses received on this new-age forum and suggestions of the valued members we aim to promote positive change. This is a well-thought effort from our side and we will have a flexible approach.”

About Trade Finance Forum

The Trade Finance Forum is a neutral and independent entity that believes in bringing together people from various backgrounds who have the drive and ability to effect positive, meaningful reform. It also brings together participants from the government and industry to coordinate their trade finance initiatives and efforts for a better future for the industry as a whole.

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