AVTODOM BMW: 30 years on the Russian market

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Anna Utkina
Zorge 17, Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow 117909 
Russian Federation

A whole network of dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg has grown from the only representation of the German brand in the country during this time. The company occupies a leading position in the Russian automotive market.

The first BMW dealership in the country opened in Moscow at Zorge, 17, in December 1992. The history of AVTODOM Group of Companies and the BMW brand in Russia began with this. AVTODOM brought BMW and Mini brand cars to Russia, and then BMW Motorrad motorcycles. The first owners of a cars of the famous German brand remain the clients of AVTODOM until now.

AVTODOM BMW achieved high results for 30 years of active development. The company opened 5 BMW dealerships, 2 BMW Motorrad centers and 3 MINI centers in Moscow during this time. A modern two-story dealer center for BMW, BMW Motorrad and MINI operates in St. Petersburg. AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg is the only dealer center in Russia updated in accordance with the new standards of BMW Retail Next Today.

People create the history of the company. Dealerships occupy a leading position in the ratings it is thanks to the specialists of AVTODOM BMW. For example, AVTODOM BMW received the Best Dealer and Best Service awards according to BMW Rusland Trading in 2021. And this is not a complete list of the merits of AVTODOM BMW. The company does not stop there. It develops, maintains high standards of car sales and customer service.

«AVTODOM BMW has been demonstrating reliability and success in the domestic automotive market for over 30 years. We maintain a premium service and provide a full range of services. Many clients stay with us from the first days of contacting the company. Someone trusts us from the beginning of our history. We are grateful to them for their recognition and constancy, which has become a landmark for us. We appreciate and love our customers and make every effort to keep them with us,” – Elena Chistyakova, Managing Director of BMW Brands, MINI AVTODOM Group, commented.

A wide range of BMW cars and motorcycles, high-tech service stations and professional staff in AVTODOM BMW. But the company’s greatest value is its customers. AVTODOM treats them with great love and attention. They remain true to their choice, prefer the best standards and traditions. AVTODOM BMW gives gifts with the purchase of a new car to each client in honor of the anniversary in December.