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Thursday, December 15, 2022: Depending upon an emergency medical transport provider for transferring a patient to the medical center of another city is the only alternative left at the time of a medical emergency. The Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata provided by Medilift Air Ambulance is the most effective and non-troublesome means of transport that helps in shifting patients without any complication. We have enough experience in making the transportation process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible and guarantee end-to-end comfort and safety so that the patients don’t feel any difficulties at the time of evacuation.

Our team handles all arrangements related to a safe and comforting transfer so that the journey doesn’t seem troublesome and discomforting at any step of the journey. From obtaining medical clearances and approvals to arranging ground ambulance and making availability for a skilled medical team we look after all the necessary details related to the efficient transportation of patients. We at Air Ambulance in Kolkata don’t delay and complicate the booking process and come up with an appropriate solution as soon as the patient demands an air ambulance at the time of emergency. 

Getting Medilift Air Ambulance Service in Chennai is Extremely Easy

We at Medilift Air Ambulance Service in Chennai are the exclusive and premiere air ambulance provider with proper comfort levied to the patients at the time of evacuation. Our staffs are skilled at arranging medical evacuations within the allotted time span and appear to rescue patients in critical medical emergencies whenever needed. We have a full-time call-taking team that manages the request related to the evacuation process and come up with a matching alternative quickly.

During an incident, our team at Air Ambulance in Chennai got contacted so that the patient with a critical liver issue could be shifted to an appropriate healthcare center in Chennai from Kolkata. We arranged an air ambulance with intensive care facilities and advanced life support tools that could have made patients stable until the evacuation process got completed. The patient was loaded inside the aircraft with the help of a stretcher and proper medication was delivered to keep the health of the ailing individual in a sound state. When the patient felt discomfort our team looked after their specific needs and the medical crew offered assistance and attention. We then ensured a ground ambulance remained available at the receiving destination to shift the patient to the desired hospital on time so that they don’t have to opt for a commercial vehicle.