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Tempe, Arizona: University House Tempe is pleased to announce that they let students flex their style with off-campus housing solutions. Students attending Arizona State University can enjoy a comfortable, independent lifestyle while remaining close to campus for activities and classes.

University House Tempe features stylish apartments for students to live alone or share space with friends or random roommates through the roommate matching program. Residents can choose floorplans, including studio apartments and one, two, three, four, and five-bedroom units. The per-person rental rate includes furnishings, Wi-Fi Internet access, water and sewer, trash disposal, and in-unit laundry. Upgrades and garage parking are available for an additional monthly fee.

University House Tempe provides everything students need for an enjoyable lifestyle. The apartment complex offers a swimming pool with a hot tub, a cabana area with TVs, a poolside hammock garden and gaming area, a yoga room, a 24-hour fitness center, a volleyball court, and more. The clubroom overlooks the Sun Devil Stadium, and social events are open to residents and their friends.

Anyone interested in learning about how they let students flex their style can find out more by visiting the University House Tempe website or calling 1-480-664-8097.

About University House Tempe: University House Tempe is an off-campus housing complex for students attending Arizona State University. Students can choose a floor plan that meets their needs, whether they prefer to live alone or with roommates. The per-person rental rate assures residents that they won’t have to worry about roommates who can’t pay their rent.

Company: University House Tempe
Address: 323 E Veterans Way
City: Tempe
State: AZ
Zip code: 85281
Telephone number: 1-480-664-8097
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