What are Eye Bolts And What Are Eye Bolts Used For?

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What are Eye Bolts Used for? How Eye Bolts are used, types of eye bolts and its uses are explained here. Share the knowledge with us now!

What is an Eye Bolt?
An eye bolt or eyebolt is a fastener that uses a central drilled hole and a hinged pin. Eye Bolts Manufacturers in IndiaWe are one of leading manufacturers of eye bolts since 1972. We are their primary supplier in the market and supply eye bolts to various industries such as Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, along with power generation plants.

Eye bolts are used for a number of different applications. They can be used to fasten things together, such as when you want to tie two pieces of wood together with a rope. They can also be used to hold something in place or secure something, such as when you want to attach some kind of hardware to a wall.

What Are Eye Bolts Used For?
Eye bolts are a great option if you want to hang something on the wall but don’t want to drill into it. You can use eye bolts to secure anything from curtains and blinds to shelves and light fixtures. They’re also useful if you want to hang a picture frame on the wall without having to put holes in it or drill holes into it.

Eye Bolts are amongst the most basic home repair tools, and that’s why they’re used so often. This simple metal dowel is a great way to lock things together securely and firmly.

Eye bolts are used in many applications, from hanging signs to securing the roof of a garage. Eye bolts are also used for securing doors and windows.

Eye bolt specifications
The primary specification for an eye bolt is its diameter. The other specifications include the length of the eye on one end, and the length of the threaded shank on the other end. When choosing an eye bolt, Eye Bolts Manufacturer makes sure that it meets their specific needs. For example, if you need to secure two pieces of wood together, then you should select an eye bolt with a head that matches those pieces of wood so that it will secure them securely together.

An eye bolt’s diameter is important because it determines how much pressure it can hold before breaking under pressure. The larger the diameter, the more pressure it can handle before breaking under pressure. This is particularly important when installing large objects in place, such as when attaching a sign to a pole or building structure with large areas exposed to wind or weather conditions (as in construction).

Eye Bolts Manufacturer in India
Ananka Group is one of the major Eye Bolts Manufacturer in India offering a diverse range of Eye Boltsin a variety of sizes, grades, and scales. The majority of high-tensile bolts, screws, eye bolt and fasteners on the market are blackish-colored alloys.

We are one of the best Eye Bolt Manufacturer in India and eye bolt manufacturer in Mumbai.

Our website also provides a prominent washer weight calculator offering a diverse range of washers in a variety of sizes, grades, and scales. High tensile fasteners manufacturers in India follow national & international standards. Anchor bolt manufacturer use a nickel-copper alloy that is resistant to corrosion in many environments.

Takeaway: Eye Bolts are used for many applications.
Eye Bolt is a short bolt, with an open eye that can be used to attach objects or devices to others. Eye bolts are among the simplest of fasteners, with only two parts: a bolt and an open eye. A threaded (male) eye bolt is made up of a shank, which is the same diameter as the rest of the bolt, topped by a threaded end. The female counterpart of an eye bolt has an integral head with no shank. It cuts down on production costs and makes for a more compact product. An eye bolt has many uses and industries that use them include automotive, aerospace, furniture, and construction industries.

Remember that High Tensile Fasteners and Inconel fasteners are easy to operate, they can be operated with one hand, they can be adjusted easily and they can be disassembled easily by unscrewing the handles. Eye bolts therefore have a specific use that no other clamps can accomplish.

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