Carpet Cleaning 4 U Launches Cleaning + Scotchgard Protection Combo Offer In Ipswich

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6 Dec 2022 – Carpet Cleaning 4 U

For the better protection and care of your carpet or any upholstery in Ipswich, Scotchgard is very helpful along with cleaning as this forms a layer on the surface of your carpets and upholstery so that when water or drinks falls on them this layer acts as a protectant and prevents the carpet from permanent staining and prevents the stain to go deep inside the carpet or upholstery.

We have good news for those who follow Carpet Cleaning 4 U for various cleaning services in Ipswich. Other people with the same need in the service areas of this company can also take the benefit from this news. The news is the combo pack of Cleaning + Scotchgard Protection services in Ipswich. The combo pack price can create a difference of $180-$200 (check terms & conditions) from individual cleaning and scotchgard service. They said,” it will be a complete package for carpet and upholstery protection”. Many times, your kids and pets eat, walk and roll on them with dirt and mud and so this offer will be helpful in saving many dollars.

Moreover, they said,” on the completion of 500 customers in this offer, they will launch another offer with a big discount”.

You may not be knowing but the minimum cleaning needs can cost $600 + $10-$50 for Scotchgard service. While with the combo offer from this company, you can get both services for $400-$500. You can see the difference in costs.

All services provided by the company in Ipswich are commendable and it is clear from the response of the customers.

Services that are in demand and they deliver are:

1) Tile and Grout Cleaning in Ipswich
2) Upholstery cleaning in Ipswich
3) Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich
4) Mattress Cleaning in Ipswich
5) Carpet Repair in Ipswich
6) Curtain Cleaning in Ipswich
7) Rug Cleaning in Ipswich

About Carpet Cleaning 4 U

Carpet Cleaning 4 U is a 5 star rated cleaning company that cleans carpet, upholstery, tiles, grouts, mattresses, and curtains and protects them. It is a professional cleaning company in Ipswich that was established 14 years ago and provides the best residential and commercial cleaning solutions to every locality and area of QLD and other Australian cities. This company will make your cleaning investment worth it because the experts of this company generate excellent results at genuine price. Here the specialists are very talented, skilled, trained and knowledgeable and your worry will be gone as soon as you book service personnel from this company.

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