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The Ear Depot is a trusted name when it comes to hearing-related problems. The company is known not just for its high-quality services but also for its active involvement in the community. With several years of experience in hearing healthcare, The Ear Depot offers several services for its clients. Some of the most modern hearing aids are offered, along with several other services which include hearing aid fitting and hearing testing services.

The Ear Depot has served more than 4000 clients over the years, offering impeccable customer service.

Affordable Services:

The Ear Depot offers some lucrative methods, which are of great help to Canadians who look forward to purchasing hearing equipment at a lower rate. Services offered by The Ear Depot are quite affordable. The Ear Depot understands that many people cannot use hearing aid devices as these are quite expensive. As a solution to this problem, 0% financing is now available.

Services Offered By The Ear Depot:

Hearing Testing:

The Ear Depot offers the latest equipment which is necessary for hearing tests. Professionals usually ensure that they talk with the clients, to understand their daily experiences or comprehend their problems better. Based on the feedback received, professionals usually recommend regular hearing tests at their different centres in Barry’s Bay, Bancroft and Peterborough.

Hearing Aids:

Two most common hearing aids offered by The Ear Depot are Invisible in the Canal and Receiver in the Canal. Users have several options when selecting their hearing aids. They can match the colour of the hearing aid with their skin tone. Invisible in the canal is recommended for those who suffer from mild hearing loss. The design of the Receiver in the Canal is quite sophisticated and usually fits in the ear quite easily.

Removal of Ear Wax:

The Ear Depot offers professional earwax removal procedures to clients suffering from various problems. Clients need to understand the signs of earwax impaction, so that treatment can be done on time. Some common signs of ear wax accumulation include discomfort in the ears, dizziness and decreased hearing.

Tinnitus Management:

The Ear Depot offers high-quality tinnitus sound therapy. Tinnitus is quite common in Ontario and is known to affect one out of five people. This isn’t a clinical condition and is a symptom of an underlying critical condition, which might be related to some auditory conditions, ear injury and hearing loss.

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About the Ear Depot:

The Ear Depot offers professional hearing testing since the year 1982. The company is known for its more than 35 years of experience in aiding people, suffering from different levels of hearing loss. The company showcases some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids which are certainly trustworthy.