Interview with Yakov Kulikov, head of the motorcycle service AVTODOM BMW MOTORRAD Zorge

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1. When the season should be ended and the motorbikes preserved for the winter?
This is all-individual and depends on how long a person plans to ride a motorcycle, and how much he is ready to endure bad weather. Someone already puts the motorbike in storage in September. Someone rides until November. We have a motorcycle evacuation service. We will come and take the motorcycle for storage for those who ride before the first snow. This is very convenient for the client, because he will not must ride anywhere when the weather finally deteriorates.

2. What should be done with the motorcycle before winter storage?
It is necessary to wash the motorbike before winter storage. The motorcycle must dry well. In addition, it is necessary to fill in the fuel stabilizer, process the joints and elements subject to drying (oil seals, rubber bands, seals), and put the battery on charge.

3. What are the benefits of keeping a motorcycle at the official dealer center?
The advantages of storing motorcycles at an authorized dealer center are a constant ideal storage temperature, no moisture and direct sunlight, professional conservation and battery charging on schedule, safety, the ability to carry out maintenance before the start of the summer season, so as not to waste time on it later. In addition, we are engaged in difficult repairs during the winter. Minor work in the form of coloring of individual elements of the body is required for someone after traveling. In addition, someone needs extended maintenance. Service center AVTODOM BMW MOTORRAD has prepared a special offer for advanced maintenance of motorcycles in winter just for such customers.

4. When can the season open?
You can open the motorcycle season at a stable average daily positive temperature, when the asphalt warms up. It is advisable, of course, to wait until the roads are washed from winter reagents, sand and dirt. Motorcyclists start hitting the roads in the second half of April, but it depends on the weather usually.

5. What must be done with the motorcycle before the opening of the season?
It is necessary to conduct a complete inspection of the motorcycle, set the desired tire pressure, change the oil, depending on when it was last changed, before the opening of the motorcycle season. Oil needs to be changed once a year. You can spend a complete service before the start of the season in our service, without spending time on this in the future. The motorbike will be fully serviced and ready to ride on the day you want.

6. Can you ride a motorbike in winter? On any? What is needed for that?
You can ride your motorcycle year round and even in winter with special tires for low temperatures or tires for off-road use. However, you cannot drive off-road tires on public roads. In winter, people ride only on utilitarian vehicles and motorcycles related to sports equipment.

7. How motorbikes are usually insured because they stand in winter? For six months/season? Alternatively, for a whole year?
Clients insure motorcycles in approximately equal proportions. The cost of insurance does not differ much for six months and for a year.