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Friday, September 9, 2022:  Air ambulances are the most unquestionable, pleasant, and quick means of medical transportation preferred to shift patients with critical illnesses and discomforts. The air ambulances operating Air Ambulance Service in Patna brought into existence by Global Air Ambulance shift patients with safety, comfort, and stability all along the journey. After the patient is shifted to the flight the transfer process begins with the providing of necessary medication that is provided by a skilled medical staff following the patient onboard. We are offering bed-to-bed transfer that helps in shifting the most critical patients without any complications.

We are available with a team of medical staff comprising aero-medical certification and have enough experience in presenting the best service that can keep the health of the patient in a normal state from start to end of the journey. We are dedicated to bringing the best evacuation service to the patients and ensuring the shifting process takes place without any stoppage or breakage of the journey. The services offered by Air Ambulance from Patna are affordable in cost and can make the patient access immediate medical treatment whenever needed.

 Global Air Ambulance Service in Delhi is Your Support System When the Time is Tough

We at Global Air Ambulance Service in Delhi have a dedicated team that ensures to provide the best assistance to the patients at the time of emergency and guides them with the appropriate solutions. Our team possesses a sense of responsibility, respect, and cares towards the patients and ensures the fleet of the airliner has the proper balance of medication all along the journey. Our expert paramedics remain on standby 24/7, ready to meet the specific requirements of the patients and provide end-to-end care to them. Our medical team is certified and accredited by the Ministry of Health to deliver onboard treatment to patients in need in case of any emergency.

Once while we at Air Ambulance in Delhi were shifting patients from one place to another we noticed that the patient started experiencing discomfort and fainted all of a sudden. Our team rushed to the rescue of the patient and provided CPR so that patient could regain consciousness. After a while of effort, the patient was brought into a normal state. The paramedics checked the vital which were finally getting back to normal. They provided a continuous supply of oxygen until the journey got completed so that the patient didn’t feel medical complications again.