DDM MACHINERY Introducing Three-Roll Metal Plates Bending Machine

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DDM MACHINERY is a leading supplier and manufacturer of 3-roll metal sheet bending machines(https://www.ddm-china.com/roll-bending-machine/). The company offers a wide range of models and capacities to meet the needs of its clients. Three Roll Plate Bending Machines were designed to meet the basic needs of Bending and Forging Metal Plates. This machine has bottom rolls driven by an electric motor and gearbox. The upper roll is a passive roll with manual or hydraulic up-and-down adjustment to reach the desired Bending Radius.

This machine has a three-roller, symmetrical structure. This machine’s upper roller moves vertically in the middle at a symmetrical location of its two lower rollers. This arrangement is possible thanks to the transmission of the worm and the screw-nut. The machine’s rotational motion is transmitted through the output gear, which meshes with the lower roller gear. This provides the necessary torque to roll the metal plastic sheet. The mechanical bending machine has one major drawback: it requires pre-bending the end of the sheet metal plate with the aid of other equipment.

3 Roll metal sheet Bending Machine Features

1. High Precision end Pre-bending

The straight edge length can be set free; the upper roller pressed to pre-bend NC Control and high productivity. NC controls parameters, are easy to operate, and improves productivity significantly.

2. Good accuracy

The upper roller is like a drum; the lower rollers are assorted with it through support rollers. Bend continuously can roll ideal products from thin to thick plates widely.

3. Safety Insurance

The lower rollers are fixed, and the upper roller moves vertically and horizontally. The job does not work with the working rollers. Complete structure, simple foundation, convenient movement. The machine has a unitary basement, does not need earth bolts, and has a simple foundation

4. Many kinds of bending shapes

Cone cylinder auxiliary device, you can roll a range of cone-cylinder. O-bending: bending the back way; U-bend: the way forward bending. Bend with type R, ways of combination.

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