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Are you aware of the benefits of switching your sole proprietorship business or partnership firm to a private limited company? As you attribute the “private limited status to your organization, it becomes a separate entity – it’s not you or any other owner. Its entity or existence is legally viable and completely different from the management. The private limited company has its own assets and liabilities that are different from yours. It can enforce any legal order or go for an agreement with any individual or business on its own. Even in your absence or in the absence of any other owner (when you or they resign), the business doesn’t stop. This is the reason when your organization is growing give it strength by forming a private limited company. For this, you need private limited company registration services of UComply.

UComply is an expert service provider having experience in forming over 500 different companies in different industries. The process of switching from a sole proprietorship or partnership to private limited needs proper documentation and regular updates from the RoC. UComply can help you prepare all the documents as per the Companies act, 2013, and then submit them to the respective regional office of RoC. The documentation process is lengthy. You need the Memorandum of Understanding (MoA), Article of association (AoA), resolutions of the promoters as per the format of RoC, address proof of the organization, identity, and address proof of promoters, and several other documents or declarations. RoC provides some forms that also need to be submitted along with the other documents. Providing a suitable name to your entity is also an important matter. Sometimes, RoC may cancel the name with reason. UComply makes the whole process smooth sailing for you and all other promoters of the business.

The private limited company registration services is an intricate service that takes care of all aspects of the registration of a private limited company. If you are working with UComply, you have other advantages as well. A private limited company has to follow certain rules and regulations that include AGM and annual RoC return filing. UComply has the relevant experience and network to take care of these intricate legal aspects while you concentrate on your business.