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As one of the most important research techniques, filtration marks a key procedure in a wide range of laboratory settings. Alfa Chemistry, an expert in solving filtration, separation, and purification challenges, today proudly announced its offering of a truly amazing combination of filter products, covering air elimination filters, capsule filters, coalescers, pressure filters, syringe filters, ultrafiltration devices, and vacuum filters, to meet diverse experimental needs.

Filtration is a mechanical means to separate one substance from another, including solid, liquid, and gas. As for now, filtration is widely used in the early stage of sample preparation. The most popular filtration strategies generally involve vacuum filtration, centrifugal filtration, gravity filtration, cold filtration, hot filtration, and multilayer filtration.

“All of our filter products are designed to maximize filtration efficiency for researchers and laboratories worldwide, who are looking for cost-effective and simple filtration solutions,” commented the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Air Elimination Filters
Degassing filters are pivotal in preventing vascular air embolism (VAE) in the healthcare sector. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of degassing filters, including intravenous filter series, positive pressure devices, as well as small and medium volume filters.

Capsule Filters
Alfa Chemistry’s capsule filters were upgraded to achieve a high flow rate, low protein binding, and extensive chemical compatibility and can be used for glass fiber and deep filtration applications.

The coalescer products offered by Alfa Chemistry are compatible with a variety of liquids and gases and are hence suitable for various applications, i.e., refinery alkylation, amine systems, alkali treatment, midstream acid gas, and more.

Pressure Filters
The pressure filters supplied by Alfa Chemistry include: Hose Barb Pressure Filters, Luer Lock Pressure Filters, Polyethersulfone Pressure Filters, Prefilter Pressure Filter, etc.

Syringe Filters
Alfa Chemistry provides high-performance sterile and non-sterile syringe filters with a wide range of membrane materials and pore sizes for sample preparation of HPLC, UHPLC, ion chromatography, dissolution testing, and other analyses.

Ultrafiltration Devices
Different ultrafiltration devices such as pressure-driven concentrators, protein concentrators, sample concentrators, static concentrators, and tangential flow ultrafiltration are now available at Alfa Chemistry.

Vacuum Filters
Alfa Chemistry can provide vacuum filtration devices, including 60 mm Vacuum Filter, 90 mm Vacuum Filter, Bottle Top Vacuum Filter, Pressurized Vacuum Filtration, and Vacuum Filtration Units, for routine filtration of buffers, solvents, and media.

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About Alfa Chemistry
While trying to enlarge its product offerings, Alfa Chemistry decides to amplify its strength in filtration by introducing a wide range of filtration products and services. More importantly, the scientific team can help overcome customers’ filtration, separation, and purification challenges using its unparalleled expertise.