This Local Atlanta Roofing Contractor Offers Copper & Standing Seam Metal Roofs

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Looking to get a metal roof fitted? It’s a wise choice for an abundance of reasons. Trust Colony Roofers to install a metal roof that’ll serve you well for decades ahead! They’re here to improve residential access throughout the Atlanta area to the metal roofing services you need – in line with modern industry advances.

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Their aim is to help you install and maintain metal roofs that meet the demands of your property. According to the Atlanta contractors, the popularity of residential and commercial metal roofs continues to rise nationwide – in large part due to their durability. In fact, with proper maintenance, metal roofs can last for more than 50 years. Colony Roofers compares such roofs favorably to shingle roofs in terms of lifespan, further pointing to the superior fire resistance and energy efficiency metal roofs can offer you. As such, its team is able to install roofs in copper, standing seam metal, or a host of other options. Standing seam metal is typically the preferred choice for residential buildings due to its versatility – coming in a range of thicknesses as well as lengths and widths. Once you’ve agreed on a metal type, the team provides metal roof installation programs with a variety of available colors – as per the style and look you want. They also note that, despite their higher installation costs, metal roofs can save you money through their low-maintenance build, rarely requiring repairs compared to alternatives. In the event that your metal roof does need some repair work, however, the company offers its services in patching leaks, replacing rusted panels, and more. Colony Roofers continues its local operation, offering its roofing programs in support of Atlanta-area communities like yours. Metal roof installation and repairs are part of a full residential service line that also includes replacements for asphalt shingle roofs, gutter fittings, and others. Get your estimate via its official website or over the phone today! “Metal roofs are durable and versatile,” says a company spokesperson.

“When you choose Colony Roofers for metal roof installation in Atlanta, you’re getting a trusted team of local and experienced professionals on your side. We offer an extensive range of residential roofing solutions and will help you find something that fits your needs.” Maybe you’re a fan of metal music, maybe you’re not – but one thing’s for sure, you’ll love a metal roof!

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