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Wednesday, August 24, 2022: If a person is keeping unwell safely and comfortably you shift the patient to the medical facility the easier it will become for the medical practitioners to provide quality medication or treatment. Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi contributes to the transportation and pre-hospital care delivered at the time of medical emergency. We provide advanced life support facilities including in-transit care, medical supervision, and bed-to-bed transfer. The in-built intensive care unit helps in shifting patients to the medical center in a risk-free environment with utmost safety and comfort.

We provide medical services and train ambulances to let patients feel safe and in stable condition until the process of evacuation gets over. Our team ensures the relocation mission is concluded with utmost success and an enhanced level of smoothness is maintained throughout the process of shifting. In our experience, we at Train Ambulance Services in Ranchi have provided complete pre and post-hospital medical attention and ambulatory support and have saved plenty of lives every year. We make the availability of a ground ambulance to shift the patient to the railway station so that the shifting can be done in an efficient manner.

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Services in Patna is offering an Enhanced Ambulatory Support

With years of experience in the field of medical evacuation, we at Train Ambulance Services in Patna hold a comprehensive wealth of knowledge and expertise for shifting critical patients to the medical center so that they can get proper treatment. Including a trained paramedic, patients can get elaborated assistance of their underlying medical condition and can get guided as per their specific needs. Our medical crew is highly accomplished, trained, and professionals within their field and remain available 24 hours. We are able to ensure the patients get the transportation and treatment they require throughout the time of shifting from one place to another.

The undeniable dedication of our crew employed under Train Ambulance from Patna makes the patients experience optimal care throughout the journey. At one of the events, the patient traveling with us started experiencing medical complications all of a sudden in the middle of the journey. On observing the criticality of the situation the paramedic traveling with the patient began with the initial pre-hospital care and tried calming the patient down who seemed to have been experiencing breathing issues. After a while of continuous care and treatment, the patient got back to normal. A few moments later the patient regained his consciousness and we were able to complete the transfer process without any trouble.

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