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Sprint Diagnostics
M.C.K.Block No.2, Sai Nagar, Hydernagar Village
Kukatpally, Hyderabad
Telangana Telangana 
Phone:040 6906 6767

Sprint Diagnostic is a popular name in this genre in Hyderabad. They have a chain of centers in different parts of the city.

Your diagnosis is the basis of the treatment you receive. Before preparing a prescription and finalizing your medicines, the doctor will go through the blood tests, hormone tests, or X-ray and CT Scan reports thoroughly. An accurate diagnosis is imperative to any treatment procedure. This is the reason why doctors always advise visiting the best diagnostic centre in Hyderabad. Sprint Diagnostic centre in Hyderabad is not a general diagnostic centre offering blood and urine tests or X-rays but all forms of traditional and modern diagnosis processes along with some critical treatment processes.

Sprint Diagnostic has six state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities in different parts of Hyderabad like Jubilee Hills, Gachibowli, AS Rao Nagar, LB Nagar, and JNTU Kukatpally. Sprint Diagnostic offers multiple services such as radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicines, and laboratory services. Their laboratory services are simply amazing with a one-stop solution for all types of patients. It includes clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology, cytopathology, Haematology, Histopathology, Microbiology, Genomics & Cytogenetics, and Molecular Biology.

Doctors or surgeons interpret and analyses the information gathered from the clinical and diagnostic tests and then they compare it with their own interpretation of a patient before coming to a decision regarding the next step of treatment. Diagnostic tests can be anything as stated above depending on the symptoms a patient is showing. Sprint Diagnostic offers accurate test results for accurate diagnosis and fast treatments. According to an official of this reputed and the best diagnostic center in Hyderabad, “Sprint diagnostics is committed to delivering proper, dependable, exact and timely laboratory services and diagnostic results backed by professional superiority accomplished through unremitting acquaintance to current practices and clinical technology.” Patients get more than what they expect at very reasonable prices. Everyday, this reputed diagnostic centre has been handling hundreds of patients with various illnesses. They’ve created a cosy and relaxed environment inside the centres for the convenience of the patients and patient parties. Sprint Diagnostic uses the most updated equipment and methods for diagnosis processes.

Misdiagnosis is lethal. It can cause harm to the patients and damage the reputations of doctors. When a treatment process depends on the sanctity of the diagnosis, it is expected that doctors receive the right results at right time. This is why professional service is important. Again, this is where Sprint Diagnosis makes a difference. This diagnostic service provider in Hyderabad through all their six top-class diagnostic centers offering the best testing processes in all genres. Doctors. Pathologists, technicians, and nurses who work here are highly skilled and dedicated to their services. All the centres run through an integrated system for fast service and better customer care.

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