World Beach Day is more than just a fun day at the beach

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Who doesn’t love the beach with all it’s beauty, sand, surf, wildlife and more! Beach Lovers and those who want to protect and support the worlds beaches have a day to celebrate and raise awareness: World Beach Day. Celebrated on September 1st to kick off World Beach Month, Beach Day is a day to get to the beach, enjoy the beauty, relax, play, unwind, and then take action to help keep the beach clean and relaxing for years to come. Learn more about Beach Day (aka National Beach Day, International Beach Day and World Beach Day) at Holiday Smart is sponsoring this year’s event with details and ideas on ways to celebrate, enjoy and support Beach Day. Learn how going to the beach is good for the mind, body and soul, get ideas for planning beach day events and be educated on ways to help protect coastal wildlife. Organize or join clean up activities in your local area to show your support of this natural coastal landform. World Beach Day kicks off Beach Month to promote the natural beauty and importance of protecting the world’s beaches – Celebrate World Beach Day by getting to the beach and participating in protecting the wildlife and keeping the beach clean for everyone to enjoy.

Protecting the oceans is vital to keeping the world’s beaches clean – Garbage from the oceans washes up on shores of beaches around the world. Wildlife is also affected by the pollutants. World Beach Day is a time to think about the affects of garbage and pollution problems and start taking action. Everyone wants to go to a beautifully clean beach, World Beach Day is the day to do it – The idea of this day is to take time to enjoy the beaches and soak up the health benefits of open fresh air, sunshine, and walking in the sand. Take time to relax, meditate and absorb the natural beauty the beach provides. Then participate in supporting cleanup and protection of this beautiful natural land so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

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When asked about the reasons behind creating this holiday, creator of the holiday, Patti Jewel said: “There is no place like the beach with the powerful ocean connecting with a shoreline where the sands shift and change everyday. The beach is a place for walking, swimming, playing, socializing, exercising, or simply relaxing. For all who love the beach, this is the day to show support of protecting this beautiful planet resource.” Holiday Smart website has full details about ways to celebrate this year’s event.

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