Buying Tulips From Wholesale Flower Market? Know This

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Flower Bazaar holds the largest variety of fresh and imported Tulips. They are the perfect flowers to deck up your vases and make for a refreshing flower arrangement for happy occasions.

Tulip And Its History
Tulips originally grew like a wildflower in the central and eastern Asia regions. Constantinople cultivated them from the earliest time (1055). However, it was from the 10th century, that Persia began cultivating them too.

Tulips saw their transition of becoming the most valuable flowers from the 15th century onwards. Tulip was seen to be a frenzied commodity after being introduced in Europe, owing to ‘Tulip Mania.

Recently, the Tulip flower is largely grown by flower growers across Netherlands and many more countries.
How Does Tulips Look Like?
The Tulip flowers resemble a cup shape. It comprises three petals and three sepals. You can find tulips for every setting at the wholesale flower market. From small tulip species from the woodland areas to larger tulip flowers to accentuate your bedroom look. You can get tulips in either single or double. They can differ in shape; from goblet shapes to bowl shapes, simple cup shapes and more. The height of the flowers can range from anything between 6 inches to 2 feet.

The Netherlands Is The Major Producer Of Tulip Bulbs In The World
Tulips were often associated with Dutch still-life paintings. The flower is synonymous with the Netherlands since the country is the largest producer of Tulips in the world. You can buy Tulips in bulk from the top flower market there. The Netherlands has favourable growing conditions for the flowers, considering its cooler-growing weather and sandy soil.

When Does Tulips Grow?
Tulips start to emerge from the ground either during the late winters or the early spring. If the unseasonable mild weather results in Tulip’s premature growth during the winters, the dangers aren’t severe. The flowers that you can get from reputable flower dealers online for all types of events and occasions are cold-tolerant as well.

Interesting Facts About Tulip Flowers
Tulip Flowers Are Edible
Tulips come from the lily family which also consists of asparagus, garlic and onions. You can eat the tulip petals or use them as a substitute for onions. Besides, tulips are also used for winemaking. Tulips were eaten as food during both World War II and the Dutch famine.

Every Tulip Colour Has A Meaning
Tulips available at the fresh flowers wholesale vendors shop are known to hint at different meanings based on their colour. While red tulips mean true love, white tulips are associated with forgiveness.
Tulips Have A Close-To-Black Variety
Though you wouldn’t come across any black flower variety in nature, the hybrid cultivators are now creating ‘close-to-black- tulip varieties. The deep purple shade petals resemble a black look.

There’s a lot more to love about Tulips than its looks. Buy them from real flower wholesale suppliers and gift them to someone you love to strengthen your bonds with them. A lot of people love tulips because of the thoughtful meanings they are associated with.