Properly Treat Your Lymphedema With These Important Tips

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Lipedema is a buildup of adipose tissue (fat) and lymph fluid in the legs and arms.

It can be well-managed like many other chronic health concerns. With proper diagnosis and treatment, many lipedema patients experience a significant improvement in symptoms and do well long-term.

Compression bandaging and compression garments can make significant improvements in mobility and reduce tissue pain.

Our Hybrid Bandages are PERFECT for patients that suffer with lymphedema and make self bandaging so much easier to manage.

Compression can help reduce and control lymphoedema. It does this by limiting lymph fluid build up and helping the fluid move to an area that is draining well. It also provides support that helps muscles pump fluid away.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you use the proper bandages for this purpose. For example, it has been asked if you can use ACE bandages for lymphedema and the answer is NO – you should not use ACE™ bandages to treat lymphedema. The elastic in the ACE™ bandages will create a tourniquet effect (will stop the flow of blood) on your limb, which may make your lymphedema worse.

In addition to using proper bandages, did you know muscle contraction movements can help move the excess fluid out of the swollen limb?

Fitness and proper compression are vital for a healthy lymphatic system.

Check out Amanda Sobey’s demonstration with movement and Fast’n Go Bandages.

Slow, deliberate exercise can often be more beneficial than going “hard” in the long run – especially for lymphedema.

? Causes less inflammation.
? Allows your body to reset accordingly.
? Improves breath work.
? Improves circulation and much more…
Slow and steady wins the race for me ????

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