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Cancer is one of the most common medical conditions that affects more people in the United States than gun violence and car accidents combined. CDC data suggests that for every 100,000 people, 439 new cancer cases were reported, and 146 people died of cancer in 2019, one of the last years for which there is complete data. In that year, an estimated 1,752,735 new cancer cases were reported and 599,589 people died of cancer. To put that in perspective, there were only around 33,000 gun homicides that year (roughly 2/3rds of those suicides), and 36,096 people died in vehicular accidents in the same time span. Cancer unfortunately affects everyone at all the various stages of life, from children and infants to adolescents and adults all the way up to the elderly. It can progress slowly, as many thyroid cancers do, or it can metastasize very rapidly.

Given the wide variety of bodily areas that cancer can affect, it is definitely important for medical professionals to be aware of the various risk factors, signs, and symptoms of cancer, and to be able to diagnose them as early as possible to treat them as early as possible which minimizes the chances of long-term suffering from cancer and ultimately death. Unfortunately, Healthcare professionals do fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of cancer, and this can allow cancer to grow and metastasize far beyond where it would have been had it been caught earlier, which can ultimately lead to additional pain, more aggressive treatment, and ultimately death. When medical professionals do not diagnose cancer in a timely manner, or when they fail to treat it appropriately, the patient or their immediate family may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. The law firm of Silberstein Awad & Miklos is one of the most trusted law firms in New York City when it comes to delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer, stroke, and heart attacks. They have won multiple significant 6, 7, and 8-figure settlements for their clients who have suffered due to medical negligence and malpractice. More information can be found at their website,, or by calling 877-ASK4SAM.

Generally cancer is named based on the part of the body where it begins to grow and metastasize, and this can include: Head and Neck Cancers, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Bone Cancer, Skin Cancer, Eye Cancer, Blood and Lymph System Cancers, Soft Tissue Cancer, Digestive System and Urinary System Cancers, Reproductive System Cancers, Endocrine System Cancer, and more. The most common cancers include breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectal cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney cancer, endometrial cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and liver cancer. Ultimately cancer is caused when the cells of the human body that are meant to grow, divide, die, and subsequently be replenished suddenly don’t cooperate with that program. Something in this process goes wrong and cells keep making new cells and old ones or abnormal ones live longer than they should and don’t die. As the cancer grows, it can become an out-of-control mess that crowds out normal healthy functioning cells and makes it difficult for the body to function. The two main kinds of cancer are blood cancers or hematologic Cancers, and solid tumor cancers. Some tumors wind up being the line and are not actually cancer, whereas others are malignant and are set to grow and spread and need a very specific and usually rapid course of treatment.

Certain signs and symptoms do suggest cancer is prevalent in the body, and when these symptoms present themselves they should be investigated by health care provider. Sometimes tests will rule out cancer being the cause of the symptoms, but the presence of these symptoms is significant enough that it warrants taking a deeper look. These symptoms can include but are not limited to extreme fatigue that does not improve with sleep, rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss with no known reason, lumps or swelling or tumors anywhere in the body, pain that does not go away and continues to worsen, unusual bruising or bleeding with no understood cause, or unexplained changes in regular body habits. Certain patients are of course more at risk for developing certain Cancers, and it’s particularly important to make sure that Healthcare Providers are aware of the various risk factors that one may have, including age and gender, family history and obesity, diet, smoking history, excessive sun exposure, and more. Patients with symptoms that suggest cancer need to be screened with tests to make sure that cancer isn’t present. Failure to do so is generally negligence, and that negligence can be the basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit for cancer misdiagnosis attorneys to Target in on. Cancer can be treated in a number of ways including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, stem cell and bone marrow transplants, as well as immunotherapy and hormone therapy. Catching cancer early is one of the biggest predictive factors for surviving cancer.

A cancer diagnosis for oneself or a loved one can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. People often have many questions about what the best options are for treating a Cancer and whether or not it could have been caught sooner. Doctors are sometimes unwilling to answer Some of those kinds of questions which leads people to being more confused and worried. Hiring an expert medical malpractice cancer misdiagnosis injury attorney can be one of the fastest ways to get resolution and potentially compensation to help cover expenses, as well as damages from loss of life and loss of Mobility or gainful employment due to the effects of cancer and cancer treatment.