Interview with Sergey Vorobyov, Sales Director of new MINI cars of AVTODOM Group

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The situation is very different for different brands. For example, some Chinese automakers are widely represented in the Russian Federation now. Such cars are available. The demand for them is stable. As for Western brands, there are very few new cars left at dealers, unfortunately.

2. How are the deliveries of MINI now?
Official deliveries of new MINIs to Russia have been suspended for an indefinite period. However, there is still a stock of new MINIs in AVTODOM. This is enough for about three months. We have also replenished the warehouse of used cars and are developing alternative supply channels. We have always strived to meet the demand of our customers. In addition, we have something to offer them. MINI is one of our favorite brands. We have been the first official dealer of the British brand in Russia since 2002 and do not plan to close.

3. Cool accessories were always available at your dealerships. Are they in stock now?
Yes, almost all items of MINI accessories from key rings to stylish suitcases are available in our showrooms.

4. What can you say about the demand for MINI cars later three months?
Demand for MINI remains stable In Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moreover, we are actively working to bring new cars to our customers and give them a choice.

5. What do you think the brand is looking forward to in the near future?
The brand is actively developing. The new MINI Aceman Concept has been officially unveiled just recently. This is the first all-electric crossover in the MINI range. We expect mass production of this model in 2024. The brand’s DNA can be clearly seen in the design of the novelty. It is possible to imagine how the new MINI models will look like in the future despite its unusual appearance. We were told about new opportunities. MINI Aceman will be a digital partner for its owner. It will provide a unique and holistic experience of interaction with the car, the variability of personalizing the interior with the help of completely new multimedia, LED elements, sound and tactile effects. Of course, a responsible attitude towards the environment is an important priority for the brand. For example, chrome and natural leather will not be used in decoration.