Highlighted features of Bitdeal’s cryptocurrency exchange script

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At Bitdeal, we create white label cryptocurrency exchange scripts that are thoroughly tested, bug-free, 100% faster, and include retina-ready themes and UI/UX improvements. We make sure that our cryptocurrency exchange script passes all security checks, including penetration tests and core tests for cyber security.

Here, we’ll showcase some of Bitdeal’s cryptocurrency exchange script’s features,

Advanced trading engine:

Our top-notch crypto trading script includes a cutting-edge Trading Engine that instantly and without latency matches the buy and sell orders.

Integration of multiple cryptocurrencies wallet:

Users can safely store, receive, and transfer all of the major virtual crypto coins with the use of this tool. Our premium cryptocurrency exchange script supports multiple cryptocurrency wallets and integrates user wallet and admin wallet.

High Transaction Rates:

Our top-notch cryptocurrency exchange script delivers exceptional performance by smoothly managing more than one million transactions per second. Hence, your users will have the best possible cryptocurrency trading experience.

Securely ready:

When developing software for crypto exchanges, security is a top priority. Hence, we incorporate cutting-edge security features like HTTPs authentication, data encryption, and two-factor authentication into our script.

High Liquidity:

Our cryptocurrency exchange script includes an API linked to any well-known exchange. Having a safe API link to other well-known exchanges facilitates achieving liquidity.

Various Payment modes:

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform offers a first-rate trading experience by accepting a wide range of payment options and processing transactions swiftly.

We offer numerous advantages with our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, including cutting-edge technology, intriguing features, easily scalable, improved user experience, aesthetically pleasing designs, and accessibility to the complete source code.

By visiting our demo, you can start experiencing the unique difference.

About Bitdeal:

Bitdeal is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that started out in 2015 by developing web and mobile app solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners. They have more than 500 satisfied clients and approximately 7 years of experience in this software industry. Additionally, it gives technical assistance, ensuring that your platform is deployed successfully, and helps enterprises enter the market quickly.