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Some of the law-and-order services that family law and more could help you solve and get the best decision out in our favor are: –
• Child custody

Child custody cases involve parents facing a dispute about who should care for the child instead of the other. Or, they can agree to share the child’s custody in front of the court.

There are two types of child custody which family law and more can help you achieve: –
• Legal custody

Legal custody involves taking care of all the legal decisions in the case of the children.

o Physical custody

Physical custody involves the parent keeping the child to themselves but not having any right to take the significant decisions regarding their life.

• Wills and trust

The most common category of family dispute is regarding who would be allotted the estate after the owner in the family has died suddenly without making a valid will and trust from before.
But if you are looking to avoid this kind of problem in your family, then family law and more would provide you with a direction about will and trust corona making through a coordinated and legalized way.

• Alimony cases

Divorce has become a common occurrence in the lives of married people right now. Any mismatched communication or vibes no longer match results in filing for divorce in courts. Alimony is that type of case which help one of the parents claim financial assistance from their counterpart even after they decide to go their separate ways.

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Family law and more are known for many years in California for providing various families with the best attorneys available in fighting their cases against their family members and belonging on the victory side.

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