Ecosmob Technologies: A diamond sponsor of OpenSIPS Summit

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OpenSips – Proud Sponsors – PR
Title1: Ecosmob Technologies sponsoring OpenSIPS Summit
Title 2: Ecosmob Technologies: A diamond sponsor of OpenSIPS Summit

AHMEDABAD, India – [], 2022 – Ecosmob Technologies will be a diamond sponsor of the OpenSIPS Summit, which is scheduled to be held from 27 to 30th September in Greece.

OpenSIPS is the most used and 100% open-source SIP server worldwide. Ecosmob being a diamond sponsor, aims to foster complex end-user deployment, high throughput infrastructure components, and the latest advancements to OpenSIPS.

Ecosmob encourages the diverse prospects of OpenSIPS. These prospects are due to the feature of scalability. OpenSIPS can run on embedded systems with minimal resources and manage up to hundreds of call setups per second.

One of the significant features of OpenSIPS that excites Ecosmob as a proud sponsor is that OpenSIPS works best in geographically distributed VoIP platforms.

Other Core OPenSIPS features:

Robust SIP Proxy/ Server
IP Black Lists
Stateless and transactional Stateful SIP Proxy processing
Xcap Support for presence Agent

OpenSIPS is the core component of the VoIP solution. It is a multifunctional SIP server, that provides efficient and customized route handling, voice, Video, IM, and SIP extensions, and has vast scalability and customization. Since the expertise of Ecosmob Technologies lies in providing customized VoIP solutions, we will now proliferate significant technological advancements and solutions in its domain.

About Ecosmob:

With a highly seasoned team, Ecosmob delivers excellent solutions using the core capabilities of OpenSIPS. It also holds in-depth expertise in SIP/SDP/RTP protocols and offers real-time openSIPs solutions. Ecosmob provides ideal VoIP solutions and develops an array of customized business communication solutions with the testaments of expertise and decades of experience.
Our successful track record instills credibility in the effectiveness of the solutions provided.

To discuss how we can help you, reach us at and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Instagram.

Ecosmob Technologies contact:
Priyanka Pathak
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+91-7778842856 (India)