SHANGHAI WINMAN Introducing WM-601MN Glue Potting Machine

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SHANGHAI WINMAN industrial engineering is a leading china based gasket-making machine supplier. The company has designed and manufactured the highest quality Two Component Glue Potting Machine (WM-601MN).

The glue potting machine ( is new glue filling equipment that allows to experience smart work.

Its powerful electronic control system adopts a high-stability original motor, PLC, control panel, electronic components, wiring, dust-proof, and anti-static systems, all designed according to national standards.

High-pressure-holding screw pump + high-precision gear pump, accurate glue output, equipped with A and B glue level alarm function, can prevent glue breaking phenomenon and glue non-drying problem in time.

The glue is filtered from the glue barrel to the glue head to prevent impurities from entering the glue barrel and causing the pump to jam.

Since 2001, WINMAN industrial engineering has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, such as metal sheet roller cutting machine?metal sheet punching machine?metal sheet bending machine?welding machine?riveting machine?pu gasket sealing machine… and related consumable materials for those Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment, especially in the power distribution cabinet accessories technology. All of our custom power distribution cabinet accessories are engineered and manufactured in Shanghai city,  Next door to the biggest manufacturer VOLKSWAGEN SHANGHAI.

The glue potting machine adopts the liquid dispensing and packaging method and only mixes at the glue outlet. After use, the mixing tube is removed and soaked in the cleaning liquid or cleaned directly.

The glue potting machine integrated glue dispensing and filling design is ready to use, fully automatic, and easy to operate. Just press the start button.

WM-601MN glue potting machine ( has different operating modes. The standard control system is a movable cantilevered control panel with PLC intelligent touch screen. After adjusting the machine and prestting the parameters, the machine will run accurately, safely, and efficiently according to the technical setting during the production.

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