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Collaborate with a local agency that goes above and beyond to help you maximize your investment in Turkey.
Aiming to facilitate foreign interest in Istanbul and its lucrative Basin Express area, this agency seeks to assist you in obtaining both citizenship and reliable profit. With access to partnerships in the government and private sectors, you can rest easier knowing your purchase meets the required standards for visa processing and acceptance.

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The program offers the advantage of local expertise to identify worthwhile opportunities and safely introduce you to the market. Turkey’s citizenship by investment (CBI) initiative was announced in 2016 as a means to encourage direct foreign investment and help boost the real estate industry. For investors, obtaining this so-called Golden Visa opens a pathway to both family-wide domestic rights and opportunities for additional income through property sales or rentals. For its part, MCS Corporate Services introduces a step-by-step process to guide you through CBI procedures. Whether you’re looking for opportunities on either the Asian or European side, the agency offers its services to secure suitable investment projects at exclusive discounts to maximize returns.

The agency’s close association with governmental and private construction companies seeks to ensure a more reliable purchasing option to satisfy all necessary requirements for citizenship. Beginning with a phone consultation, the agency takes initial steps to understand your goals and explore strategies to meet expressed demands.

From there, options are provided for both online and in-person tours, featuring live visits to sites so you can better explore the finer logistics of project zones and surrounding neighborhoods. Once details are in order, steps are taken to finalize property purchases and process all paperwork to obtain necessary titles and apply for citizenship via an agency-provided attorney. MCS Corporate Services supplies you with the tools you need to navigate the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment confidently. Go to their website to find out more!

A spokesperson for the agency states: “Despite the world’s current challenges in regards to the recent pandemic and ongoing military conflicts, Turkey maintains a steady line and constant directives to provide favorable conditions of access for investors. MCS Corporate Services helps realize that potential.” Let MCS Corporate Services open a new world of possibilities for global access and profit.

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