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BTCC is one of the most popular trading platforms for cryptocurrency traders and has spread its wings globally as one of the best trading platforms for hundreds and thousands of daily users. It provides trading opportunities to registered members and has branches in Hong Kong, the UK, and other countries.

The platform also is the most secured platform for users trading over it as it has never been hacked so far in its history. The platform has been functioning responsibly without a hitch since 2011. It runs on blockchain technology powered by FINTECH and trading is flawlessly carried out users get their best experience doing so and once registered rarely do traders leave the site. Besides, the smooth trading process, the exchange has professional and committed staff to leverage the accumulated expertise of the site and experience to provide innovative products so that traders can make money daily.

Amongst the most robust and high in demand is futures trading of which Bitcoin and Ethereum of which again the latter offers the maximum excitement and possibilities of gain in a volatile market. Traders are in a better position if they hedge their risks with Ethereum Futures Trading as many traders have done and earned good profits.

Low Deposits and Price Transparency

One of the single biggest factors that influence more traders to BTCC is that a person can start trading with simple registration formalities and undertake transactions for as low as 3 US dollars. Besides, leveraging is provided to each trader for up to 150 times their deposit amount. The exchange further supports 14 major cryptocurrencies although more transactions are occurring on the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Users will also find a weighted quotation of the spot index price from multiple top cryptocurrency exchanges including BTCC prices and thus formulate their plan more strategically. In some ways, the exchange also tries to bring down the risks suffered by the traders during extreme volatility. They are reported to cover the negative balance of the trader during such times which is indeed good news for traders of ETH Futures Tradingas such services are not provided by other platforms.

Mission and Core Values

BTCC futures trading are founded on four core values these are Focus, Growth, Fairness, and Experience. Through a steady increase in the level of trading activities, fair investment services, and trade transparency the Exchange has achieved a milestone by globalizing BTCC.

It is noteworthy that users would become aware after a few trading session that Bitcoin is nothing more than a currency while Ethereum is a ledger technology. Ethereum has a brighter side to it as it helps companies to build new programs.

Beginners to the BTCC trading platform are allowed free trading at without profits so that they get firsthand knowledge about crypto trading.