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You probably don’t realize just how much you rely on your air conditioning until it decides to go belly up. With a simple maintenance program, you can prevent having such a nasty surprise this summer. If your air conditioning does bite the dust, the trusted contractors at Seaton Heat N’ Air are now on hand 24/7.

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Our Arkansas summers are pretty darn hot, and Seaton Heat N’ Air understands just how essential your air conditioning is. With their range of maintenance and repair services, they make sure that your home and/or business stays perfectly cool all summer long.

Just, how hot does it get here? According to, Arkansas has an average high temperature of 93°F during the peak summer months, and it’s not uncommon for temperatures to exceed 100°F. Without air conditioning, things would get unbearable pretty quickly, so spare a moment to consider the hard work your unit does every summer.

Along with the comfort that air conditioning provides in your home, your business has a duty of care for employees and/or customers. Seaton Heat N’ Air has recognized the demand for a responsive air conditioning service in North Little Rock, Arkansas and is dedicated to meeting your needs with highly responsive call-outs.

While the 24-hour emergency service gives you some extra assurance, the contractor states that periodic maintenance can help you to prevent breakdowns. To that end, they now offer a variety of seasonal air conditioning and heating maintenance agreements. Representatives are also available to discuss the latest air conditioning technology if you’re ready for an upgrade.

About Seaton Heat N’ Air
Established in 2005 by Chris Seaton, the company has since grown to encompass 10 trained and experienced technicians. In addition to the North Little Rock area, Seaton Heat N’ Air also provides HVAC services throughout the central Arkansas region. The contractor’s focus on reliability and affordability has resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

One satisfied client recently stated: “Seaton Heat and Air has helped me several times when I had a HVAC emergency (being in the south without AC during summer is an emergency). They always show up right away, sometimes even within the hour, and fix whatever issue I might have. They are responsive, professional, competitively priced, and always follow up after providing the service.”

It’ll be getting hot soon. Now is the perfect to time get Seaton Heat N’ Air out to check your home’s air conditioning. Contact your local HVAC experts today.

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